Friday, March 10, 2006

Inquisitive Honor

Inquizitive Honor
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Look at that face! Isn't she the cutest?

So, yesterday. It was sunny and nearly 50 degrees here yesterday when I got off work so I decided to leave my car in the ramp and walk home. It was lovely! I did forget, however, how much harder it is to walk home than it is to walk to work. After a long day of working, I really drag myself along when I walk home. Once I got home, I decided I should take my bike in for a spring tune up since it sat on our balcony all winter. I walked it to the Penn Cycle up the street and had the guy look it over. He said the brakes were a little gummy, the tires low and maybe a bit off kilter, and the chain could certainly use a good oil. He said they could have it done by Tuesday and would that be OK. I was surprised it would be done so quickly. He said most people get mad it’s not done sooner. I laughed and reminded him we are expecting snow on Monday and it’s not spring yet, so I can wait a little longer if they need to push it back. I took my claim ticket and walked home. Today is supposed to be warmer and there is a chance of thunderstorms tonight into tomorrow morning.

Bob and I left soon after. We were to meet Honor and her trainers at the vet’s but we wanted to get a bite to eat first. We stopped at the 50’s CafĂ© for dinner, never having eaten there before and wanting to see what it was like. It was busy, but we got right in. Bob had the bison burger with cheese and I had the open face roast beef sandwich. The food was good, the atmosphere fun, and we had a good time.

Once dinner was done, we took off in the direction of the vet’s. When we got there, no one was there to meet us, so we sat and waited. We were supposed to meet up at 8 but it was well after 8:30 by the time we all got together. The trainers, Kim and Laska showed up with not only Honor in tow, but Laska’s shepherd Carter, two new shepherds they acquired from a local farm, and a young black lab. They were trucking the dog circus around with them. Honor was so excited to see Bob and was very good about obeying him. She is very single minded which is good when she is focusing on Bob and his commands. It’s not so good when she is focusing on what new and exciting things have been exposed in the melting snow. It’s hard to get her attention when she’s checking something out. She is such a good girl. She whined when the vet took some blood, but otherwise was very good. The vet gave Bob a doggie toothbrush and some “poultry” flavored doggie toothpaste. Hee! It was hard leaving her in the trainer’s hands. She whined then too. Check out the Flickr badge for more photos from the vet’s office.

Today Bob met Laska and Honor at the mall for some public training. He called and said it went well. They put in 3 hours of training time including having lunch at Applebee’s. He said there were a bunch of kids there asking him all kinds of questions about Honor and his chair. Every time he answered one question, they would ask “why?” Hee. He said Honor was really good and he can’t wait to bring her home. He has to have 20 full training hours in before that happens. Laska is coming over tomorrow to our home for some more training time.

Bob just called me and said we received another letter from his life insurance company. He was MAD. Apparently they wrote the letter just to reiterate that they will NOT be paying out on their payment of premium rider because his disability is a result of a disease that occurred prior to him buying the policy. Duh! But YOU GUYS are the company that approved him for the policy and the rider. Don’t do business with Farmer’s Insurance. We are looking for a lawyer. Know any good disability/insurance lawyers?

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Heather said...

Glad to hear things are going so well with Honor. Sorry to hear that things are so crappy with the insurance company. Wish I knew a good lawyer....