Monday, March 13, 2006

Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning
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This is the sight that greeted me this morning when I left for work. Click my Flickr badge for more photos of our blizzard. I live 2 miles from work and it took me 30 minutes to get there. It took others 2 or more hours to get there. When I first got to work, I was 5 minutes later and I was the only one there. I had to turn on the lights, the copier, and make the coffee. It was kind of freaky. Usually when I get to work on Mondays, it's 7am and there are at least a dozen or more people there. Today it was 7:05 and I was alone. Cue Twilight Zone theme here.

We had a good weekend. The weather was nice Friday. I got off early and picked up a Papa Murphy's Pizza. I recommend that you all go there and get one. While there, please buy a Shamrock in support of MDA. You can also get them at Citgo and I think...the YMCA. We appreciate your support.

Saturday was a busy day. It started with one large flash of lightning and the hugest boom of thunder. Just the one of each though. By the time I could deign to open my eyes and get out of bed, the rain and storm had ended and the sun was coming out. It was near 50 degrees and I felt called to run errands.

I started my errand running at Petco. We were low on both kitty litter and food. I also wanted to pick up a couple of toys for Honor and see if they had raised dog dishes so feeding her would be easier on Bob. They did! I also picked up a bag of doggie treats so Bob can use them in training exercises.

My next stop...Target. Or as some have called it, the hundred dollar store. Actually, I managed to get out of there after dropping less than half that. We needed lightbulbs, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper. After that, it was lunch.

Last stop was to Dick's Sporting Goods to get a new pair of walking shoes and some blister reducing socks.

Once I got home, it was time to put everything away. Of course, since I had every heavy, bulky thing in the world, I couldn't find a cart to save my life. I finally managed to find one on the other side of the apartment building in the garage.

Bob was up and at'em when I got in. I made him some eggs because even though it was lunch time, he only feels like eating breakfast foods when he gets up, no matter the time.

I put stuff away and cleaned our apartment. In the midst of this, Honor and her trainer Laska showed up for some training time with Bob. They left for a walk while I finished cleaning. When they got back, we showed Honor her new bowls and toys. Laska approved and we sat around talking and playing with Honor. She really liked her new toys. When they left, our home felt empty. Honor really feels like a part of our family now. Oh! When they first got here, Maisey was in the kitchen and Honor wanted to meet her. Maisey didn't hiss, but she puffed way up and arched her back. Honor got too close so Maisey gave her a bat on the nose and ran away. Daisy hid under the couch.

The rest of the day, I worked on homework. I had to complete a newsletter for my publication design class and complete some reading for my worldview and ethics class.

Bob worked at the gas station on Sunday. Sadly, this is probably the last time he will be able to do that since he is getting too weak to stand and reach much longer.

I slept in and then did our laundry. It had been 2 weeks and we had quite the build-up. Between loads, I kept working on my newsletter.

Once laundry was done, I kept working on the newsletter. Bob came home and took a nap. While he slept, I created a new budget on Quicken and paid our bills. Overall, I got a lot done this weekend and it feels really good.

Once I finished my newsletter, I had to go to Kinko's to print it. When I left, it was raining ice so I hoped to find Kinko's rather empty. This was not to be. Kinko's was hopping with parents working on things with small kids in tow. I did manage to find one helpful employee out of the whopping three holding shifts there. But a job that should have taken me 10 minutes actually took me 45 minutes because of a computer malfunction and printer failure. When I left Kinko's it was snowing and it kept snowing, getting heavier and harder. I knew when I went to sleep, I would wake up to a blanket of snow.

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