Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Fourteen

There used to be a Friday meme-type thing that was called the Friday Five.  Now there is one circulating that is called the Thursday Thirteen.  I missed that one by a day so today is going to be my own Friday Fourteen.

Fifteen reasons I know its now Fall/Autumn.  I know the calendar says its still summer but based on these clues, I think fall has already begun.  So lets slap a few falling leaves on this time of year and call it a season.  Much like I am slapping this together and calling it an entry.

1.)     School started.  Nothing says fall like big yellow buses full of freshly scrubbed, shiny-faced elementary school kids.  Although if you were to judge by the school supply aisle, you might think fall is over and Christmas is here.

2.)     Football is on TV.  I think you can find a game on TV every night of the week. 

3.)     High school football has begun.  Good luck finding a babysitter on Friday nights these next few months.

4.)     The new television season starts in two weeks!  I. Cant. Wait.

5.)     They have closed the outdoor swimming pool at our apartment building.  Didnt that JUST open it up?  Sure seems like it.

6.)     The leaves are changing colors.  The tree outside our apartment window has been turning red for over a month now.

7.)     I had to turn on the heat in my car on the way to work this morning.

8.)     I had to put on a sweatshirt in order to feel comfy leaving the warmth of our apartment this week.

9.)     I saw and heard a giant V of geese flying south yesterday.

10.)    No one is wearing sandals or open toed shoes to work any more.  Shoes of choice now include boots, sneakers, Docs, docksiders, Sketchers, and the like.

11.)    We dont give one thought to using our oven to make dinner.  We rarely use it in the summer because of how quickly it heats the place and how slowly the place cools down afterwards.

12.)    The fall veggies have shown up.  Mmmmm, butternut squash.

13.)    Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin bread are back.

14.)    Brueggers pumpkin bagels and cream cheese are back.

Welcome to fall.

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