Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today Is Better

Today is better.  At least there is sun for the first time in 4 days.  Sheesh.  It seems as though the state fair ended, school started, and we fell right into fall.  What happened to easing into a season?  What happened to Indian summer?  At least our new place comes with a wood burning fire place.  Nothing makes cold fall nights better than a roaring fire.  And some s’mores.

Friday was payday.  In looking over the budget, Bob decreed that I could use $100 to get some new fall clothes.  (I called it going school shopping.)  After work on Friday, I beat a trail to the mall.  First I had a lovely meal in the food court.  This particular mall was redone a few years ago and the food court is now all fancy.  It was done in a sort of mission/craftsman style and feels comfortably elegant.  There is even a large fireplace.  The food is still food court food though. Nothing fancy there.

After my meal, I made a bee-line to CJ Banks, my new favorite store.  The new clothes always capture my gaze and attention but I have found I can get more for my money by searching the clearance racks.  I tried on about 30 pieces of clothes and came away with 3 tops, 2 pants, 1 skirt, and 1 dress.  All within the $100 leeway Bob set for me.  Score!  I wanted a new dress for a wedding I was attending the next day and an outfit for my reunion next weekend.  I got it all and more.  I love shopping there.

After the clothes shopping, I went to Cub to stock up on more deals.  The new coupon books were mailed out and they had several “buy one/get one free” deals on products we often use.  I ended up with $100 of groceries but only paid $60 because everything in my cart either had a buy one/get one or had another coupon for money off.  Score, again!

After all that shopping, I went home and put everything away.  Then, in preparation for the wedding and reunion, I set about to tackle the Amazon that is my eyebrow region.  I plucked and tweezed for an hour and a half and came away with 2 somewhat proportional eyebrows.   Usually, when I get fed up with the unibrow, I convince Bob to let me get them waxed.  However since groceries and clothing had eaten a good chunk of our disposable income, I did not feel like taking his good will for granted and asking for that luxury this time.  Of course the next day I had a dozen little white zits dotting my brow zone.  So it seems I either need to learn to deal with a vast forest of brow hair or a mine field of zits.  Nice.  What is up with those little white zits that pop up after plucking? 

Saturday was spent either primping/prepping for the wedding, at the wedding, or at the reception.  It was a lovely affair.  Please click my Flickr badge to see the photos I took.  The bride was radiant and her dress, beautiful.  The groom was happy and seemed lost in the notion that this lovely woman next to him was his forever.  It was sweet.  They took a horse and carriage from the wedding to the reception.  The reception was swanky and had a cash bar.  (Free beer and soda, though.)  I had my first ever real grown up drink that wasn’t wine.  A friend ordered a Tanqueray and Tonic with a twist of lime.  I ordered the same.  It was strong.  It was OK.  I think it might be better with 7-Up.  I realized later that it was just a gin and tonic.  But a Tanqueray sounds better.  Anyway, we ate, drank, laughed, and danced.  I took pictures.  It was a lot of fun and I was/am very happy this couple found each other and allowed us all to share in their love.

Sunday was errand and cleaning day.  Bob went to work and I ran errands and cleaned.  Then I got a bug up my behind and started packing.  I packed all our knick knacks, candles, wall hangings, photos, CDs, and DVDs.  I figure if I start now, I can organize, clean, and label everything accordingly and have time to do it right.  Oh, and because of the cool weather, I found a bunch of lovely little centipedes looking for a warm home to snuggle up in.  Gah!  Nothing I hate more than centipedes. *shiver* I also put a reservation on a Budget moving truck.  I started out Googling U-haul but before I found their reservation site, I stumbled across many a complaint and grumbling about them and their business practices.  We used them for our last big move 4 years ago, but rather than deal with a moving nightmare, I thought I would play it safe and go with Budget.  Their cost estimate was better anyway and it’s less than I was expecting.

Yesterday was work and another interview.  I’m not sure about this one.  The woman who interviewed me was nice, but seemed kind of distant and evasive.  Oh well.  I have a second interview on Thursday for the job I am most interested in.  Yesterday was also about counseling.  I am learning that my self hatred goes back farther than I can remember and permeates every pore in my body and every thought in my head.  Everything I think, do, and say is a direct result of my own self loathing in one way or another.  Now I need to work on finding that root and hacking it up to pieces and replanting self love in its place.  Whatever.  38 years of self hate is not going to go away overnight.  Though I wish it would.

I got home last night and found the soup I had heating in the crock pot had noodles in it and I had forgotten.  They were giant and rubbery.  I tossed that and made spaghetti with canned sauce and frozen meatballs.  I made some garlic crescent rolls and a bagged salad and called it dinner.  It was actually very good and it hit the spot on a cold, drizzly day.  After dinner I packed more boxes before hitting the hay by 8:30.  I had to kick all the cats out of our room at midnight because the kittens were wound up and playing trampoline on my bed.

Today I am finally going to see my doctor regarding my stinky, infected belly button.  The stink and funk went away for a couple of weeks but they came back this weekend.  Now it even hurts a little.  Bob thought I had been living with it like this since the last time it happened and was angry I hadn’t seen a doctor prior.  So, I’m off to show my doctor my red, infected, stinky belly button.  Oh joy.

There isn’t much news on the condo purchase.  I think we are in the waiting phase of the purchase.  I had heard the sellers wanted to move up the closing but after I said we probably could move it up a week, maybe two, I haven’t heard anything.  I really want to get in there and paint.  At this point I know I want to paint the master bed and bath blue with white trim.  I want to paint our kitchen yellow and our cabinets white.  I want to paint the second bathroom a sage green or maybe almond.  Bob wants the office to also be blue…maybe a darker color than the bedroom.  However, I cannot decide on a color for the living/dining/main hallway.  I was leaning towards a periwinkle or light purpley color but now I think I might like a nice pumpkin or cinnamon color.  I am getting slipcovers for our couch and loveseat and can get anything to go with whatever color we end up using in there.  Maybe I should go to Homedepot and look at some color chip things.  I just want our new home to be warm and inviting no matter the color.

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