Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Weird But Cool

The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday.  First, some back story.  In the summer of 1984, I went on a mission trip to Brazil with 8 other people.  One of the 8 was our leader, two others were chaperones of a type and the rest of us were school mates about to enter our junior or senior years in high school.  The trip was amazing and life changing though the bonds we formed as a group didnt really stretch beyond graduation.  Fast forward to this summer.  One of the guys (Ron) who went on that trip moved back to Southern WI and through a series of coincidences contacted me via email.  We havent corresponded regularly, but we have kept in touch, which has been nice.  He was a classmate though he moved before we graduated from high school so he didnt get the invite to the 20th reunion.  I did send him the link to the photos I took and he wrote back asking for the email addresses for various and sundry classmates.  He asked for the email of a specific classmate(Paul).  This classmate was also on our Brazil trip but I havent seen or heard from him since graduating from high school.  I had not yet emailed Ron back to tell him that I had no way to contact Paul, but it was on my list of things to do.  NOW comes the weird part.  I checked my email yesterday and in my in-box was an email from Paul, the guy I had not heard from since graduation. He emailed me to see how I am and if I am in contact with anyone from our Brazil trip.  Is that not weird?  I dont know how he found me or my email address but I did ask him if I could pass his email along to Ron.  I emailed Ron with the info.  Stuff like this happens a lot to me. I am, in some way or another, frequently bringing people together.  Cool, huh?

I dont think my toe is broken.  It is puffy and red and still hurts, but its not 27 different shades of blue and it doesnt hurt as much as it did yesterday.  I think I jammed it pretty good though.

I watched the season premiere of Gilmore Girls last night and was disappointed.  Even though I didnt always like how Amy Sherman-Palladino or her husband Daniel wrote, they were both a heck of a lot better than what was shown on TV last night.  It was as if the writers were trying to copy the breezy, heavy on dialog, quippy writing of ASP, but all they ended up with was a character giving a monologue to another character who would then give a monologue.  It was very much a show trying to copy what the creators started without the talent and tools the creators had.  If this show doesnt pick up and find its pace again, Im done.

I think I am getting a cold.  I went to bed stuffy last night and woke up with a scratchy throat and stuffy sinuses.  It is too early in the season to get sick.  Blech.  I hate being sick and refuse to bow to a cold.  At least not before the snow flies.

I think maybe Bob and I will go to Redstone for our anniversary. Its nice enough without being pretentious and I dont think it will scare Bob with its menu choices.  Plus, its not that far from where we live so we can eat and come home and continue with the anniversary celebrations, if you know what I mean.  Heh.  If you happen to have other suggestions, I am still up for them.  Leave a comment.  I am going to continue the tradition of driving to the bakery that baked our wedding cake and picking up some cupcakes or a small cake for our anniversary.  They make the BEST cake and its a nice reminder of our wedding.  If you live near Brooklyn Park, stop by Jacks Bakery and have some cake.  You dont need an excuse to celebrate.  Celebrate anythingcelebrate cake itself.

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j n n said...

That is strange!.... If/when you find out what Paul is up to, let me know! :-)