Thursday, September 14, 2006

I've Gotta See More Sunrises

This morning’s sunrise was spectacular.  It was so beautiful I wanted to call everyone and tell them to look to the east.  When I got to work, I stood in the window near my desk on the 13th floor and watched the sun rise over the downtown skyline.  The sky was brilliant orange, pink, red, and yellow.  The sun was first red, then orange, then pinkish, and then more yellow.  It rose into a low hanging bank of clouds and while it disappeared from view, the sky stayed painted pink and orange and pumpkin. It was a lovely way to start the day.

I got a lot more packing done last night.  A co-worker showed me where a bunch of boxes were stored in our basement storage room for trash take out.  Many of them had handles and lids. I grabbed as many as I could fit in my car.  They are perfect for all our books and games.  I learned early that you don’t want to fill large boxes with books because then the box is too heavy to lift.  Anyway, I was able to get all of our books packed as well as the rest of all our wall hangings and pictures and our games. Tonight after I pack for my trip to WI, I want to pack all my cookbooks, my crockery, and the things I have stored in our china cabinet.  Then I will feel better about going away this weekend instead of staying home and getting more packing done.

The kitties are a little excited and freaked out.  Bob had to help one of the kittens out of a very tall box.  Apparently she was able to jump in it but not able to get out and sat there crying for who knows how long until he heard her.  Curious little monkeys!  They are apparently feeling much better after their surgeries as they are back to running around like banshees and jumping on beds as if they were trampolines.  Last night as I folded laundry, Zoë plopped herself down on a pile of warm, folded towels and watched me as if she were memorizing my folding techniques.  That or she was making sure I was doing it right.

So the powder seems to be working on my belly button.  I haven’t had to try the cream yet and shouldn’t need it if the powder works.  It doesn’t smell.  I mean the powder doesn’t have a smell, but my belly button doesn’t smell either so that’s good. I start tapering off my Celexa on Saturday.  I start taking half of them each day for a week. Then I take a half Celexa on one day and a half Zoloft the next day for a week and then a half Zoloft every day for the next week and then full dose Zoloft ever after.  Bob was surprisingly thrilled I had agreed to change my antidepressant.  I had no idea he had been praying for me to do so for months.  Silly boy, say something next time.

I am nervous about my second interview today.  I don’t feel rested and I feel like I am asked the same things and come up with the same rote answers every time.  I know that is part of the interview process but it is getting tedious.  Plus, in light of the new things I am discovering about myself in counseling, I realize I am not very good at selling myself right now.  How can you sell something you hate to someone and expect them to get excited about it and see it as a good thing?  Anyway, we’ll see what happens.  No matter what, there are only 2 more days of loud girl here in my office!  Whoot!

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