Friday, September 08, 2006

More For a Friday

There is actual stuff happening that I could write about and what do I put up?  A list.  Oh, and add to that list the fact that today’s high is only supposed to get to 68 but as of 2:30 it is only 61 degrees, cloudy, and blustery outside.  Brrrr.

Tomorrow I am attending the wedding of a co-worker.  I hope the weather is nicer.  I am going shopping tonight for something to wear to the wedding and maybe something to wear to my 20th class reunion next week.  I am hoping to find something that has a nice top that can go with a pair of casual pants/slacks for the reunion and a skirt for the wedding.  I am not holding my breath.  It seems that I usually find the cutest and on sale stuff when I don’t need anything in particular.  It’s when I am hunting for clothes for specific occasions that I end up with bupkiss.

My cousin’s golden lab, BoDean passed away last night.  He was only 9.  He had had pneumonia this summer and a stroke 2 weeks ago.  Poor puppy.  My cousin is sad, but stoic and seems to be OK.

Our little kittens are healing OK from their surgeries.  Though Bob did have to take them in yesterday to get checked.  Chloe had ripped her sutures out the first day after surgery but Zoe just kept tugging on hers and her tummy was getting infected from the irritation.  We have been pouring hydrogen peroxide on her wound and that’s all the vet really recommended at this time.  Both kittens also have a swollen toe on one foot although Chloe’s has healed more rapidly than Zoe’s.  Plus Zoe was limping rather pointedly and we were concerned.  The vet said to continue with the peroxide and add some Neosporin.  Bob noticed that Zoe’s limp increased with the amount of attention she was getting from either one of us.  It’s true!  One minute she will be playing with Choe, batting at her fiercely and the next she will notice us watching and will walk on 3 legs across the room.  Faker.  So, at this point we are monitoring their wounds and cleaning them out with the peroxide and Neosporin.  They are getting more rambunctious with each passing day.

So the lady I interviewed with last week has been able to reach 2 of my references.  No word on when I might hear from her.  I was hoping it might be this week but since it’s after 2:30 on a Friday, that’s not looking so good.


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Yvonne said...

I am sorry to hear of your BoDean's passing. I would imagine your cousin is much sadder than he/she is willing to let on.