Friday, September 15, 2006

That's Lifef

Ive never been so glad to see a Friday in my life.  Well, except for last week.  And maybe the week before last.  And the week before that.  However, I awoke this glad Friday morning with my princess lady time well in motion.  Blech.  The Extra Strength Midol is just baaaarely working.  Nothing I like more than driving 250 miles with princess lady time cramps.  Cant. Wait.  Why cant we go back to the time of the red tent?  When all the women would gather together and minister to one another, massaging, and rubbing, and resting, and caring for each other all through their princess lady times.  Women looked forward to their monthly periods then.  I think its time to bring back the red tent.  Although now maybe a salon spa could take the place of the red tent.  Is this what Elizabeth Arden meant when she created Red Door?

I got a voicemail from one of the women who interviewed me asking me to inform my manager that I am a finalist for this position.  I emailed her back and said I would happily inform her but I would like more information about what being a finalist entails.  Is there a timeline I should be aware of?  Is there another interview?  Does being a finalist mean I will get the job?  I have not yet heard back from her.  Once I do, I will let my boss know.  There is another gal at work that is looking.  She came over to our place last night so I could help her with her resume and teach her how to look for job openings on our online postings site.  Her boss is my bosss boss and she knows that this gal is looking.  Once I let my boss know, they will know that at least 2 of us are looking which leaves them with a team of 7 out of 9 plus 3 managers.  We just lost 2 others. Our department is slowly dwindling.

Right after work I am leaving for my home town for reunion weekend.  I am so tired, I hope I can make the drive without having to pull over and nap.  I did stop at the library last night and pick up a couple of books on tape to help with the drive, so that is good.  Having my period does not help.  However, loads and loads of caffeine might make a difference.  It will help keep me awake AND shrink my nerve endings thus eliminating some of my pain.  Oh, sweet caffeine.

Today is loud girls last day.  Yay!  She is having a big going away party at a local bar after work.  Many of us were not invited yet she talks about tonights party and the fun that will be had and the people that are invited ad nauseum.  I think it is rude to discuss this loudly in front of people not invited.  Not that I (nor would anyone else) attend if we were invited, but it still hurts to be excluded.  She seems to get off on the power she feels from excluding people.  Whenever one of her friends visits her in her cube, she laughs loudly and then looks around to see who might have noticed.  When I am talking to my manager who is one of loud girls friends, she often comes over to get her to go for a smoke break and tells me my manager will finish with me when they get back.  She cant go anywhere by herself.  I will not be sad to see her go.  The ironic-y thing is that the department she is moving to is the same department I am now a finalist for.  We would be working in separate areas and separate buildings but once a quarter we will see each other at teambuilding events.  Oh well.  Thats life. 

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