Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Goodness Gracious where have I been?  Not lazy and not illjust not here.

Friday I ran all kinds of errands after work.  I had a $25 Home Depot gift card and needed some shelving for our storage room, so off I went.  I am in love with Home Depot now.  Did you know you can get bulbs for your garden there?  Tulip, Crocus, Iris, Daffodil, and more!  Also, bath tubs and toilets and cabinet knobs and paint.  Who knew?  I havent set foot in a Home Depot in sinceever I think.  Never needed to go and now I can think of all kinds of things I need from there.  I did manage to leave there only spending $20 of my own money after applying the gift card to my purchase.  I got some cheapy plastic shelving for our storage area and a knob for our bathroom cabinet.

The rest of the weekend I was a busy, busy gal.  I rearranged our 2nd bedroom/office so it is more conducive to Bobs eBay storage, shipping, receiving, printing, weighing, and computing.  He likes it but is a little freaked out by the changes and cant find anything.   I moved everything out of the closet in there and either put it in the Goodwill pile, the storage room pile, the move to another area pile, or the garbage pile.  I pulled Bobs dresser out of our closet and put it against the wall next to my dresser and put all our clothes, sheets, towels, and bedding in our bedroom closet.  (No small feat since its tiny.) 

I also rearranged our living room (yes again!), kitchen, and pantry.  I made similar piles and was able to take a GOB of stuff to Goodwill.  Lastly, I pulled everything from our storage room, put the shelves together, and restocked it all organizing it by things we want to keep but never use (a few boxes); Photos, poems, writings, journals and the like (several boxes); camping and outdoor gear (most of which is still in Bobs van from this summer; and Christmas decorations (which surprisingly get a whole shelf unto themselves).  The storage area is a thing of beauty to behold.  I wanted to take a photo, but even I am not all that self impressed enough to think the internets are longing to see my mad storage area organization skillz.

I have not unpacked very much yet.  Mostly our books and things that had been stored in any of the areas I cleaned out and reorganized. All our knickknacks, photos, wall hangings, and fancy glassware is still packed.  The rest of the place looks amazing.  Now all I need to do is call the carpet cleaners.  Anyone had any experience with carpet cleaners in the Twin Cities?  Who do you recommend?  Who do you not?  Leave a comment.

Speaking of recommendations, Friday is our 5th wedding anniversary.  Bob said I could pick the restaurantany one I wanted.  I am toying with the idea of going here: http://www.biella-restaurant.com.  But maybe Bob isnt ready for anything quite that fancy.  Any suggestions?  Leave a comment.  Thanks!

I think I broke my toe this morning.  I had just awoken and sprung from my bed when I bonked my pinky toe against the wheel/frame of Bobs hospital bed.  I heard it crunch and it throbbed.  It swelled a little before I put sock and shoe over it but it has continued to throb all day.  Occasionally I will bump it or curl my toes and a bright, hot light of pain shoots through my toe and up my leg.  Cant wait to get home and see it.

I got a call last night from a friend.  She left a message on our voicemail saying a third friend of ours had been mugged on her way to work yesterday.  I tried to call the friend who was mugged but just got her voicemail.  I tried to call the friend who originally alerted me and just got her voicemail.  No idea if my friend is OK, where she was, what happened or anything.  I hope to find out more tonight.  Yikes!

Last night I watched Heroes on NBC.  I was prepared to hate it but I found myself oddly intrigued.  However, the one single Mom characters super power confuses me.  How is seeing your mirrored reflection as a separate entity considered a super power?  How are you a hero by blacking out and waking to find 2 dead guys by you?  I really like the Japanese guy.  He is so full of hope and wonder and excitement.  The unbreakable cheerleader is cute but I am constantly averting my eyes because of all the bones she is poking back into her body. Gah!  Anyway, I may be tuning in again.  I did see that they are showing the pilot again tonight though.  What is up with that? I also watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Trip and LOVED it yet again.  I am hooked on that show so far.  Tonight begins the new season of the Gilmore Girls. 

So, isnt this exciting?  I rearranged, purged, reorganized, and cleaned. I broke my toe, and I like TV and the new fall schedule.  Oh, and I need help picking a restaurant for our anniversary dinner.  Thanks for stopping by.



Reighnie said...

Ugh...I can totally sympathize with those darn wheely thingies on the hospital beds. Plus the locks that jut out from them. I've cussed Sean's bed out numerous times when I'm working on getting him up or getting him something he needs and it seems those damn wheels just jump out and in the way. I'm always scared I am going to break something.

I hope your toe isn't broken.

lap said...

Jeesh you got a lot done! Good job! I missed Studio 60 Monday, so I'm using the television without pity crutch. I was hoping for a rebroadcast on Bravo, but..it's PR day, so probably not.

Kitchen Logic said...

I can't believe you didn't think of Ritzy Clean for your carpets! What's that number again? You know. The one that's the same in all area codes? FM107 will tell ya!