Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm Siiiiiiiiiick

I have the crud.  I dont know what shape the crud takes in your neck of the woods, but here it comes in the form of an alternatively stuffy or runny nose, a tickle/scratchy throat, a full head, sore joints, teary eyes, and achy lymph nodes.  Im siiiiiiiiicckk. *cough cough*.  If I could, I would be home in bed.  But I cant so Im not.  Poor Bob told me we could cancel our anniversary celebration tomorrow night and do it next weekend but NOTHING is going to stop me from having a lovely dinner with my husband.  We did decide to eat at Biella.  I wish I was not allergic to shellfish because their pumpkin ravioli with shrimp sounds heavenly.  If nothing else, I will take a bite of everything and box the rest for later. 

Yesterday I drove to the bakery that made our wedding cake and picked up a tiny cake for our anniversary celebration.  (I will post a photo later.)  Its super cute.  I put it in a plastic grocery bag with 2 cucumbers a co-worker gave me from her garden and put it in the fridge.  Then I told Bob that the plastic grocery bag in the fridge contains cucumbers from a co-workers garden.  He said yuck and that he would stay out of it.  Cucumbers make him bleed from his eyes.  Not really, but he hates them so he will not be discovering the cake-y surprise before its time.

I found out how my classmate got my email address.  The woman that planned our 20th reunion sent a mass email to everyone on her class email list with info about the reunion and how its very important to get in touch with our former classmates.  His email address was on that list as was mine.  He saw mine and emailed me.  I did not see this email until late last night since it came to an email account I rarely useor only use for solicitations.  Still, it was really cool to hear from him, especially after being asked for it by my other classmate.

Our little Zoe needs a helmet.  She is not a very bright little cat.  She and Chloe will be 6 months old next week and she keeps bonking her head on stuff.  Bob noticed that she also has a popped blood vessel in her right eye.  We dont know how that happened.  It could have been from one of the dozens of times she conked her head.  It could be from the fights she has had with her sister.  Or it could be from any one of the many times Maisey has smacked her head with her paw of doom.  I think its from one of her many head conks.  Bob wonders why she keeps clocking her head and I think its because she isnt aware of how big she has gotten.  She and Chloe are used to tearing around the apartment and running under furniture they no longer fit under.  I think she is not aware of her size and now and tries to run under and around things that have openings smaller than she is and instead of succeeding in fitting, she bashes herself in the head.  Poor little stupid kitty.  Hopefully she will learn that she is too big to fit in these places anymore and stop trying to get in there.  I told Bob we will have to cover her head in bubble wrap.  He said we should invent a helmet for her.  I told him someone probably already hasand I was right:  They dont show cats with them on, but stillsomeone has invented helmets for pets.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my last day here.  I still dont know what Im going to do.  Bob said I should look into National Camera Exchange or a local portrait studio to see if there are any openings/apprenticeships to be had and use the knowledge I learn there to build my own business.  I recently learned that our pastors daughter who is probably all of 23 just bought her own portrait studio and is doing that for a living.  I wish I had that kind of moxieand money.  It makes me believe in myself a little less though.  If some 23 year old twerp can do it and make a go of it than what am I doing thinking of trying my hand at it?  Im almost twice her age for heavens sake.  Oh well, well see what happens. Next week is our annual United Way week of caring and I am once again auctioning off my time as a photographer for someones party, family gathering, etc.  Its been a successful prize 2 years in a row.  I hope it continues this year as well.

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