Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Feeling "Off"

I’m feeling kind of “off” today.  Nothing I can put my finger on other than so tired and a little…foggy, I guess you could say.  There is nothing more than I would rather do right now than curl up in bed and nap.  My red, bloody eye would probably enjoy that as well. (Although it is looking a tad bit better today than it did yesterday.  Also, I think it occurred when I blew my nose just before exiting the shower.)

I fluctuate by the minute thinking I’m pregnant and then thinking I’m not pregnant. I’m going to be one big mass of anxiety before this weekend’s testing occurs.  If I am or not it not going to be posted until family has been alerted.  No one wants to read of the existence of their grandchild, child, nephew/niece, etc on the internet.  Mostly I think it comes down to this; I want to be pregnant but I don’t think I am.  My morning temps have been on the decline the past three mornings.  Were I pregnant, they would be on the upswing.  This is more disappointing that I can describe here.

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