Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Justice and a Meme

Today was the fifth straight day of dropping morning temps.  I would say that is categorically a sign that the insemination did not work this month.

My eye is still a bloody mess.  The far right side of it looks better, but the blood-ness of it is moving left towards my nose.  It’s not attractive and I wear sunglasses in public just to avoid the whole, “Oh goodness!  What happened to your eye?” thing.  Bob is afraid people will think he popped me.  I have no such fear.  There is no bruise or shadow around my eye, just the bloody mess inside the whites of it.

Last night I left the patio door open from our bedroom to the balcony.  The kitties like to lie in the sun and play with bugs and stuff and I didn’t want to sit in the sun and supervise.  Later, when I began to notice bugs in the house, I made a quick count of cats and shut the screen.  About a half hour later I heard a pitiful howly meow coming from the direction of the bedroom.  I went to the screen door and saw Daisy staring back at me with he big, blue, mournful eyes.  She NEVER goes out there so when I counted cats and didn’t count her among them, it didn’t occur to me that she was missing from the count because she was outside!  Poor thing.  She’ll probably never go out there again.

Bob asked me to pick up an RX for him on my way home from work last night.  Usually this is no problem but it becomes a little more inconvenient because the road between our home and the pharmacy is closed for construction.  So I have to drive around.  On the way there, I drove a different way around because I had to stop at the dry cleaners.  However, on the drive home (a drive that is less than a mile mind you), I got stuck in a traffic jam that caused my trip home to take 35 minutes.  I could have (and should have) parked my car in the city park lot and walked home faster than it took me to drive.  I got home hot, tired, and very frustrated. (Poor Bob.)

Poor Bob indeed. He just called me.  He is downtown at some power seminar/sales thingy.  He went to his van at lunch to get something out that he had forgotten.  When he got to the van he saw that some self important butthead had parked in the no parking zone used for loading and unloading handicapped people into their vans.  There was no way for Bob to get into the van.  So he missed lunch because he had to alert security and they had to call a tow truck and Bob had to be there for some reason.  Although he assured me that he had a good time BSing with the security guard and that he is going to work on not being so negative and on not taking every bad day and turning it into DOOM from Hades.  So, he’s got that going for him.  Some little self entitled sports car driver is going to be PISSED when he comes out of the seminar to find his precious sports car missing from its illegally parked spot!  MWWWWAHAHAHAHA!  I love when justice works in our favor for a change.

I was tagged by Robyn:

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1. scenic overlook
sincere obscurity

5. - me

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was… living with my parents in a small southern WI town south of Madison.  I was finishing my degree, working with the single’s group from my church, and biding my time until I could venture back out on my own again. (I moved to Minnesota the very next year.)

Five snacks you enjoy
1. Fruit of any kind
2. Blue corn chips and fresh or home made salsa
3. Pringles Premium Potato Chips
4. Popcorn with Butter
5. Frosted Animal Crackers

Five songs you know all the lyrics to (these will probably be all 80s tunes because I am that hip)
1. Blister in the Sun
2. Goody Two Shoes
3. The Look of Love
4. Sweet Escape
5. Ain’t No Other Man

Five things you’d do if you were a millionaire
1. Donate a buttload of money to the Muscular Dystrophy Association in Bob’s name.
2. Donate a buttload of money to the Mobility for Independence Charity that raises funds for handicapped accessible vans for those in need.
3. Buy or build a completely handicapped accessible house for me and Bob.
4. Start adoption proceedings.
5. Set up a college fund for my school-age niece and nephews.

Five bad habits
1. Chewing on the skin around my fingernails.
2. I am ALWAYS touching my face. (Me too!)
3. Playing with my hair. (I’m almost 40 for heaven’s sake!)
4. Driving without wearing my seatbelt when I’m driving less than 5 miles away.
5. Getting immediately defensive when asked a question.

Five things you like to do
1. Read
2. Watch TV
3. Surf the internet
4. Hang out with Bob and/or friends.
5. Take Photos

Five things you will never wear again
1. Thong Underwear
2. Leg warmers
3. Suntan pantyhose
4. 3 or 4 inch high heels…aw heck, any heels for that matter
5. A perm

Five favorite toys

1. My ipod – Pinky McShinesalot
2. My camera – Pentax K100D
3. My laptop – HP something or other
4. My cell phone Text Twist game
5. Can’t think of a fifth one

Five people to tag

You, you, you, you and you.  And by you…I mean anyone reading this.

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