Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New Things

They say you learn something new every day.  That may be true.  Today I learned a whole week’s worth of new things.

I first learned that one should always empty their bladder before undergoing a FUS procedure.  Did you know it is hard to see ovaries and follicles when your patient has a full bladder?  Me either!

I also learned that I may have a polyp inside my uterus.  Nothing for sure but something popped up on the ultrasound that shouldn’t be there.  They are going to monitor it closely so I’m not too worried.  If I don’t get pregnant this cycle, they are going to do a test of some kind.  If it comes back that it IS a polyp then they will do a D & C to get rid of it. If I do get pregnant on this cycle, they will have to watch it closely because if the baby attaches to that side of the uterus, there could be a restricted blood flow.

Another thing I learned is that my follicle is a “14”.  However, I do not know what that means other than I am going back in first thing Friday morning for another look-see and an injection of HCG to trigger the ovulation (so we don’t miss it over the weekend and have to wait another month).  If everything looks good and it’s a go on Friday, then on Saturday morning I am to take a sample from Bob to the nearby clinic for insemination.  Insemination could very likely happen this weekend!  Holy cow!

I also learned that almost 6 years of marital relations will stretch you out enough that the seemingly giant wand the tech inserts into your hoohaw doesn’t hurt a bit.  There is some discomfort of course, I mean it’s not like it’s fun and roses, but for the most part, I did just fine with it. 

Finally, I learned that it’s a good thing I am not an ultrasound tech for I could not read anything on that screen to save my life.  For all I could tell, there is a fetus growing inside my bladder right now!  I don’t know how in the world anyone learns how to see stuff on that screen but I am glad there are such people in the world.

Not surprisingly, I also learned that I really, really want this to work.  I met with the clinic’s business office chick and she went over what’s covered and what’s not covered.  I only get 6 tries at this.  However, if it works and I get a confirmed pregnancy, whether that ends in a baby or…something else, we start back over at 1.  If I don’t get pregnant after 6 tries, then we are done as far as insurance coverage goes.  Done.  Not done until the start of a new year or the start of a new fiscal season.  Just done.  God I hope this works.

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