Friday, June 15, 2007

Post Insemination Clinic Visit

Today is the 4th or 5th day of 90+ temps. Last night was the first time we have turned on our air conditioning since last summer. It felt so good. I like fresh air and hate closing up but when the air is humid and still and thick, it’s just better to close up and turn on the air conditioner.

I had my post insemination appointment today. It’s interesting how the lobby is practically papered in signs saying we should all turn off our cell phones and yet every time I’ve been there, some woman has plunked down and immediately out the phone and chatted loud enough for the entire world to hear. Last time it was a woman scoffing to the person on the other end about why that person couldn’t or wouldn’t come to a baby shower. I swear she said, “Just suck it up and come to the damn baby shower. I don’t understand why you just can’t come to the damn baby shower” 7 times. Today’s cell phone bandit was talking about all her pregnancy symptoms and how much it sucked to be pregnant when it was so hot. Nice. Not like all of the non-pregnant women waiting in the lobby with you wouldn’t switch places with you immediately. I wanted to go up to her and say, “See all these signs posted asking for cell phones to be turned off? Yeah, they apply to everyone BUT you.”

They took blood to check my progesterone levels. I get those results on Monday. I was told that the higher the number, the better and that high numbers prove that I ovulated. After that, it was time for the wanding. Always a joy. The ultrasound showed that my uterine lining is thick and fluffy (tech’s words, not mine) and just as it should be. There was evidence of broken egg shells in the follicle and I still don’t know what that means but the tech was happy to see that. I if it was too soon to tell if the insemination worked and the tech said it was. She said I can test next Sunday and know for sure. Great. My period is due Monday so I will know for sure then anyway. Man, another whole week of waiting is going to drive me crazy.

I asked her if it didn’t work and I get my period can we move ahead to see if there is a polyp in my uterus. She said yes. If I get my period, I am to call and make an appointment for day 5 for something called a SIS test. We’ll know more after that. Then I asked her the 25 million dollar question. It went something like this, “If I did indeed ovulate and I had a good egg and everything worked as it should and Bob’s sample was great, why wouldn’t I get pregnant?” She said that’s why they are in business. There could be enzymes in the sperm; it could be a bad egg, or any number of other scenarios. I asked if the polyp poses serious threat if I am/do get pregnant before we know what it is and get rid of it. She said it was something they would watch but that women all over the world get pregnant and carry to term with polyps in their uteruses so it’s not anything to get too worked up over.

So Monday I should know my progesterone numbers and next weekend I should know for sure if it worked this time or not. If it didn’t and the SIS test on the thing in my uterus which is NOT a growing baby comes back positive for polyp, then I will have to have a D&C and will miss my July cycle and won’t be able to try again until August. (And that’s the longest sentence ever!)

In other news, one of the MN sextuplets died yesterday. Please send your condolences.

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Yvonne said...

That is sad the little baby died. They are all so tiny.