Monday, June 11, 2007

Still Waiting

So we’re still waiting.  Not much to do but wait at this point.  However, I do have an appointment on Friday for another FUS to make sure I’ve ovulated and that all is well thus far.  I don’t know how long we have to wait until we will know for sure.  Well, that’s not true, my period is due the 25th so if it shows or not, then we will know.  I was hoping against hope that I might know by Sunday so I can give Bob a REAL Father’s Day present if we are.

Speaking of Bob, he called me at work today freaking out.  What was the issue? Toxoplasmosis.  We have the 4 cats and we have 4 litter boxes.  The boxes are in our kitchen closet and are situated in such a way that Bob cannot get in there with his wheelchair.  I did some Googling and it turns out if I use a mask and rubber gloves when I clean out the litter boxes I should be OK.  Just to be safe, I will talk to my doctor on Friday.  I’m really not worried because our cats are not outdoor cats and they don’t eat mice and birds and stuff.  It turns out I am just as susceptible for Toxoplasmosis by eating undercooked meat or unwashed fruit/veggies.  Actually, everyone is susceptible for the virus so make sure you cook your meat thoroughly and wash/peel all your veggies and fruits.  Then make sure you wash your implements, cutting boards, counters, and hands.  That is my PSA for today.

I was watching TV last night and noticed that a commercial for some sleep aid recommended customer call their “Prescriber” for an RX for the medication.  Since when do we contact our prescriber for a prescription?  Wouldn’t it be prudent to contact your doctor and ask them about the meds and for a prescription?  It just sounded so weird that it jumped out at me.  Are there people who can prescribe medicines other than medical professionals?  They could just say “doctor or nurse practitioner”, couldn’t they?

I love the summer fruit season.  I bought strawberries at the farmer’s market, cherries at Aldi, and musk melon and apples at Trader Joe’s.  Yum.  I am also eating fresh red and yellow peppers, English cucumber, fresh tomatoes, and fresh spinach and sweet corn.  So good.  Oh and speaking of good food, I made the best home made hot dish last night.  I browned some hamburger with onions and while that cooked, I made up a package of rice-a-roni Spanish rice.  Once both were done, I mixed them together with a can of rotel, black beans, crushed up Doritos, some taco seasoning, adobo and chipotle seasoning.  I put some Mexican cheese on top of it and baked it and it was so good and I just made it up without a recipe.  The best test of any new recipe is the Bob test.  Bob loved it so it passed with flying colors.

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Gael said...

My OB/GYN said "realistically, if you don't eat the cat poop, you're fine." But washing hands/using gloves is a good idea if Bob can't get to them.