Monday, June 25, 2007


It was an odd sort of weekend.

Neither Bob nor I got very much or very good sleep Friday night.  This made getting up early and getting to the Stride and Ride somewhat difficult.  Also, I woke up with horrible cramps and had to take some Vicodin in order to feel better.  Bob wanted to bow out and stay home. Since we were on the planning committee and had promised to be there, we could not bow out. I told him it would get better once we got there.

It was OK.  There were about 300 people there and we managed to raise about $50,000.  Not a lot, but nothing to sneeze at either.  We are struggling with how to make this annual event bigger and better.  It truly is a grass roots effort to get this thing growing.  While it is nice to get everyone together and to see everyone it is also frustrating that we cannot seem to get the word out about this event or heads up about MD in general.  Still, we did have a good time and I got some good photos of the event.

After the walk Bob and I thought we would go to Como Park to enjoy the beautiful day that was Saturday.  However, it seems everyone else in the entire world also had that idea.  Plus there was a giant classic auto show at the nearby state fairgrounds so getting to the park was an exercise in patience.

When we saw the crowds and had problems finding a parking space, we decided to enjoy the day somewhere else.  We did stop for lunch and enjoyed a nice quiet lunch together.  Then we drove to Bloomington to find a nice trail to walk.  Driving through the Twin Cities this weekend was also an exercise in patience since it seemed that no matter the route, there were road closures and detours and lines of cars.  Arg!

We did make it to a lake in the Bush Lake area and enjoyed a lovely stroll in the sunshine.  We saw wild raspberries, butterflies, Lilly pads, and lots of other flowers and plants.  We also saw a weird fish/amphibian type thing in the green, murky water. It seemed like a fish at first but then it looked more eel-like but then we saw feet/flippers and knees.  We never got a good look at the thing so it remains a mystery to this day.

On our way home, we stopped at Dairy Queen to get a treat.  We ate our treats in the city gazebo by the Minnehaha creek. We were bothering the barn swallows that had a next in the rafters of the gazebo.  The poor thing would fly around our heads, land on the next, and then fly out, all the while making the worried bird sound.  It never once dive bombed us, but we stayed where we were because it was cooler and shadier in the gazebo. Once finished, we headed home and went to bed.  It was 5:30 in the afternoon and we were exhausted.  I slept for about an hour and half and then had to get up to take more Vicodin.  Bob slept through.

The rest of the weekend was an odd mix of sleeping and chores coupled with a message from my folks that one of their friends had unexpectedly, accidentally, yet violently died over the weekend.  I didn’t know their friend personally but I could not stop thinking about that death all the rest of the weekend.  It didn’t feel right for me to grieve as I didn’t know this person but I carried (and continue to carry) a heavy burden of sadness and disbelief the rest of the weekend.  Nothing puts the rest of your life into perspective like the unexpected death of someone.

In reproductive news, I had my S.I.S. test today.  What this consisted of was filling my uterus with saline so the ultrasound tech could see what is in my uterus.  It wasn’t fun but it wasn’t a big deal either.  The tech did find a polyp in the endometrial lining of my uterus.  It is in the exact spot where we want a fertilized egg to implant so it looks like I will be scheduling a D & C.  This is a same day surgery where they go in with a scraping tool to scrape the inside lining of my uterus. 

The only glitch here is timing.  The tech said she didn’t know if my RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) had time during this cycle (namely the month of July) to do the D & C and we might have to push it to August.  If we push it back a month that means 2 wasted months.  We can’t do an insemination cycle in July with the polyp right there and we can’t do an insemination in August because of the D & C.  My tech was going to talk to my doctor to see if she can do it this month.  If so, we will schedule the D & C for sometime in July and then push the next insemination to August.

Part of me wants to go ahead with an insemination in July if we have to push the D & C to August.  I know it’s not right, but the goal is pregnancy.  My insurance covers 6 tries and if we conceive and miscarry, we can start over at 6 again. I know the rate of miscarriage is higher because of the polyp and I don’t want that.  It’s not very noble of me but I wasn’t feeling anxious about this before yet I am now.  I am feeling like I am getting desperate and willing to try anything. I don’t want to be in this place, I prefer where I was before when I was at peace and complete in trusting God.   Maybe I am just out of sorts because of the weird weekend and fear of the unknown.

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