Thursday, January 05, 2006

Day 20 of Sun Watch

Still no sign of the sun, although there is a rumor it may show itself tomorrow. We'll see. Only 9 more days until I can see the sun by flying the friendly skies and spending time in the Sunshine state!

Tomorrow I am spending my lunch hour at the doctor's office. When I got dressed this morning, I noticed a pain just over my right hip. I can't tell if it's muscular or internal in nature but it really hurts. It hurts worse when I bend or stretch. I am also experiencing some brown discharge and wonder if it's a lady issue. I will hopefully know more tomorrow. As it happens, Bob will also be at the doctor tomorrow. He is FINALLY seeing a general practioner at the U of M hospital where his MD specialist is. Judging by the forms we had to fill out in preparation, they are going to be very thorough. He is also supposed to have a sperm mobility test...hope they get that done.

No word on Bob's dad. Bob hasn't decided if we are going there or not. But if we go, we will probably go on Monday and come back on Tuesday so we will still have several days to play in Florida. For sure we are going to Sea World and Bob wants to go to Cypress Gardens. I just want to hang by the ocean/pool and read in the sun. Ahhhhh, that's my idea of a nice vacation.

So today I just went to work, did my job, no extraneous interaction, no needless chatting or sharing, just work and more work. I have to say, I got a lot done but it sure was boring. Bob is a MUCH better person than I am. When I told him about what happened at work with the fundraiser, he was very understanding and said two wrongs don't make a right and we would still support my co-worker's kids' fundraisers. He wasn't all bitter like I was. I was ready to write them all off, but he said to wait and see.

Tonight I made our last Simply To the Table meal. It was call Spanish Chicken and my word it was good! A little on the spicy fact, my lips are still burning and my nose dripping. But Yum! It came with couscous and garbanzo beans. Nice compliments. I am hoping we can make a run to STTT when we get back from Florida. Something else I am doing when we get back is my yearly physical. I kept putting it off in December but per an agreement with Bob, made an appointment for the day after we get back. I am off work that day and thought it would be a good time for a lady check up. Not that there is really a great time for that, but you know.


Yseye said...

My best wishes for healing for Bob's dad. ~ Yvonne

Mom said...

Your pain could be due to your fall the other day. The other thing may be unrelated...just a hormonal thing. But it's a good thing to get it checked. Talk to you later.