Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Good News Keeps on Coming!

This man is my hero!

I didn’t have to go into work today. I had planned to take today off in order to run errands, unpack, buy groceries, etc. I had a doctor’s appointment after 10 this morning. It was for my annual physical, minus the pap smear I had done the first week of January. I was thankful for the appointment because my right thumb has been hurting. I took off the Band-Aid I had covering it and it was all angry red and puss-y. Blech. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for me to take so the infection clears and my thumb feels better. All day long I’ve been banging my thumb on stuff and that stinker HURTS! Plus, you never know how much you use your thumb for stuff until it hurts to use it.

Before my doctor’s appointment, I called the attorney who subpoenaed me. She said I was called because I was the reporting party that got the guy arrested. She gave me a couple of the details, including the date of the call. I still could not remember this event, so I told her I would send in the orange sheet with my contact details and for her to let me know if the guy pleads guilty. She said she would.

The doctor asked me a bunch of questions about my health history and personal habits. One of her questions was about my use of sun screen. I laughed and said I do use it but just came back from Florida with a nasty sunburn despite my use of it. She said in the future I need to wear at least SPF 45 and reapply it every half hour.

After my doctor’s appointment, I stopped to pick up lunch for me and Bob and drop off my prescription. I got home and Bob was awake and crying. I was immediately alarmed and asked Bob what was wrong. He’s really been suffering through a lot of pain lately, so I thought maybe it finally got to him. Thankfully, that was not the case. Instead, he told me that Jodi from our local MDA office had called and asked him if he would accept their nomination for national MDA Goodwill Ambassador. This is a high honor and one we don’t take lightly. I’m not sure what happens next, but as the cliché says, it’s just an honor being nominated.

Bob and I ate our lunch and then went to pick up the mail the post office had been holding for us. We got almost a whole plastic tub full after being gone 10 full days. We also went by our church to pick up Bob’s wedding ring. He lost it over a month ago after a fall. One of the pastors found it and had been holding on to it since then. Once he had that, we stopped by the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and then headed for home. While we drove, we talked about the subpoena. I told him what the attorney told me and we figured out that Bob was the one who made the call and he was the one they should call as a witness.

Once home, we started to go through the mail where we found more good news. Bob has officially been accepted into the MN Service and Hearing Dogs program! He is going to get a service dog. The next step is to be matched with a dog. Bob is so excited and is anxious to see what kind of dogs they will put him with. His favorites are German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, and Blue Heelers…all of which are in the program.

Also in the mail was my new “Every Day with Rachael Ray” magazine. LOVE IT! I also got my new Cooking Light magazine. I like it, but their recipes seem a little on the fancy side. I just don’t have the things they use on hand and would have to buy these things special. Rachael’s recipes are more user and pantry friendly.

Also in the mail was our late Christmas present arrival. We finally received our Magic Bullet! I can’t wait to use it. I want to make salsa and smoothies and grate cheese and herbs. Bob wants me to make fruit juice for him with the juicer attachment. I hope it’s as fun and easy to use as they make it seem on TV. Anyone else have one? Leave me a comment and give me your story.

Once we went through all the mail, I went to the grocery store. We were out of everything. I bought some fruits and veggies to use with our new Magic Bullet. I am most looking forward to making some homemade apple cranberry juice. Yum. What was not yum was our grocery bill after I found everything we needed. I still didn’t get everything on my list. Bob will get the rest from Aldi’s tomorrow.

After I got home, I called the attorney to tell her what Bob and I had figured out and that he was the one they should call. She wondered aloud why my name had ended up on the original paperwork and I had to admit I did not know. She said she would mail Bob’s subpoena and I should have him mail back the enclosed portion when he receives it. I assured her I would but also let her know that Bob needed to use Metro Mobility and would not be able to just get there at the drop of a hat. She noted that and said it probably would not go to trial anyway.

Tomorrow is my first day back at work. It is my first day back to the normal grindstone. I feel ready and hope I am. I have gifts for people there and am excited to hand those out. I hope there is not a gigantic pile of stuff for me to catch up on.

Finally, I was tagged by B.E.C.K. at with this meme:

- kitchen aide at a nursing home
- morning drive time announcer/DJ for non-profit radio station
- news reporter/anchor at a big time news/talk radio station and another non-profit station
- admin for a large project in Amsterdam working for the Billy Graham Association. I lived there for over a month while working on that project
- When Harry Met Sally
- The Emperor’s New Groove
- Elf
- The Wedding Singer
- Sioux Falls, SD
- Basking Ridge, NJ
- Frederick, MD
- Wisconsin Rapids, WI
only four????
- Lost
- Gilmore Girls
- Veronica Mars
-any CSI or Law and Order
- Pizza
- Pad see yew with chicken
- omelets
- Mexican food in all shapes and sizes
- California
- Hawaii
- An island in the south seas

Seriously, if you would like to be tagged for this little game, please consider yourself tagged and write me a note in comments so I can be sure to visit your site, too! It’s good to be back. Posted by Picasa

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