Thursday, January 12, 2006

Good Stuff Weird Stuff

Bob got a call from the service dog organization and they want to schedule an interview at our place.  He is going to try to schedule it for Friday.  He is excited and doesnt want to wait until we get back from vacation.  Cute guy.  Its not clear if they need us both there or not so hes going ahead as though they just need to speak to him.  I will feel so much better once we get a service dog.  He will have company, protection, help, and companionship. He left a message with them so isnt sure if they can schedule the interview so soon.

I just checked Orlando weather and while its supposed to be 65 on Saturday and Sunday, they are projecting 79 for Tuesday through Thursday.  Whoot!  They are saying there is a chance of showers for several days in a row, but only a chance, so it should be good.  Actually it will be good no matter what because we will be on vacation.

Do you remember me telling you about having two single guys over for Christmas Eve dinner?  One of those guys, George, is a guy that Bob specifically tried to befriend because he seems so alone and lonely.  At that dinner, we gave him a gift of a Wal-Mart gift card.  The Wal-Mart near us is a Super Store that has groceries as well as the usual low price fare.  Apparently, George doesnt know what Wal-Mart is.  He brought the gift card into the gas station the next day and asked the guy working if it was an ATM card or if its as good as cash.  The guy working had to explain that it was as good as money at any Wal-Mart and George didnt know what or where Wal-Mart was.  So Bob told him he would drive him to Wal-Mart if he wanted to go.  It took some doing, but last week, Bob took George out, they ran a couple of errands and George bought Bob lunch at Perkins.  Once lunch was done, George said he just wanted to go home.  Bob asked him if he was sure and George said he was sure, he was tired and just wanted to go home.  Cut to yesterday, George came over and began harassing Bob.  He told him we should have given him a Cub card instead because the WM card does him no good because he doesnt know where it is or what it is.  Bob told him he would take him today IF George could wait until after 12:30 to call him.  George didnt wait.  He started calling him at 8:30 and finally Bob called him back after noon and told him he couldnt take him until later tonight because he hadnt slept and was feeling crappy.  So George went off on him telling him he was through with him and why did we even give him this ****ing gift card anyway and then he hung up.  Bob is kind of freaked out because though he is old, George is tall and strong and now seems somewhat unbalanced and dangerous.  He was threatening Bob and harassing him.  Bob went to the gas station to tell the guys and they said they would step in if George ever tried to get jazzy with Bob while over there.  In the meantime, we are keeping our door locked and using the peep hole.  Bob said he would have no problem calling 911 if he sees George on the other side of the door.  Sheesh.  No good deed goes unpunished.  Its not as if George doesnt drive.  We gave him directions.  The store is just up one highway, over another, and then just off the exit.  Its probably 10 miles from where we livemaybe 12.  Whatever.  We agreed not to feel guilty and to just let it go for now.  Just another reason why we need someone to live at our place while we are gone.

Apparently there is a woman in our building who is harassing a Mexican family in our building.  She is under FBI and Postal observation because she has used terroristic threats, has messed with their mailbox, and has super glued their apartment door shut over a dozen times.  All of this is because once, more than a year ago this family called the police on a noise/disturbance call on the woman who lives above them.  She also calls the cops at least once a day, reporting noise/disturbances from their apartment.  I wish they would just arrest her already.  This family is super nice.  They are some of our favorite people in the world and we feel so badly for them for having to go through all of this.  They have two little girls, ages 1 and 3 and I hope all of this activity doesnt escalate into more dangerous areas before she is called to account on her actions.

Only three more sleeps until we leave.  I have so much to get done before we go.  Yikes!

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Anonymous said...

begin documenting things regarding this guy (just in case). He sounds un-balanced. Could he possibly be mentally ill, have a drinking problem?? Do you live in a secure apartment complex? Have caller ID? If so that should help. If that guy gets dicey then call the cops (also documenting this). He might just be using 'bluster' to intimidate. Above all else--pray! Maybe going on vacation will help as well to get you away from the situation.