Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Only Four More Sleeps to Vacation

Today was very busy at work. The better to make the day speed by, which makes the week go by faster as well.

I did have a nice visit with my boss and she made it very clear that I have been doing a good job and that she relies on me to get things done and done well. That was very reassuring. She also recommended that I turn my computer to the opposite side of my desk and see if that helps cut down on distractions. She also said she would talk to her boss about Loud Girl's talk and attitude. Finally, she asked for more specific info on our fundraising walk so she can pass it on to the big boss to see what can be done. I feel much better about what's going on at work now. Interesting how talking about what's been going on can make some improvements in how I feel.

The Premiere of The Shield is on but it's not quite as good as I thought it was going to be. Don't get me wrong, it's still good, but they promo'd it different than it turned out to be. Mackey is going down! It's so odd that this show sets it up so that we root for the anti-hero Vic.

I just checked out weather in Orlando and wouldn't you know it...79 today, tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday, but as soon as we get there? 61, 65, 69. Oh well, it's still warmer than it is here and hopefully it will be sunny. Even if the weather is crap, we will be away from home, school, and work for 10 full days. It will be heavenly.

Last night was my first class of this semester. I am taking Image Creation For Documents. It is like kindergarten. We don't have class next Monday due to Martin Luther King day but I will still be on vacation for our next class, so I'll miss. In these cases, the profs usually assign a 5 page paper on the class we will be missing plus an extra assignment. But my prof said I didn't have to do anything extra, I just have to email him my regular assignment before class time. Guess what our homework is? We have to turn in 5 photos illustrating things we learned in class last night. Ummm, taking pictures? Not homework. I do it every day and could probably come up with 5 photos per the assignment just in my Flickr account. Score! I do have to keep up on the reading and the prof is emailing the notes and powerpoint slides to me so I can take the quiz. Still, I'm getting off pretty good. Rather than being in class in two weeks, I will be sitting in my jaccuzi suite facing the ocean. Can't. Wait.

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Anonymous said...

Communication is always the best way...no second guessing and mind-games that really are "plays" from the imagination. Glad to hear things went well with your boss though. Score!!!
Good news too regarding your class obligations as well. Hope your vacation is a wonderful respite.