Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First Day Back To Work

Today was a good day after having the 3-day weekend. It was busy, but it was good. What I do is not what I aspire to, but it's a good job. There are irritants, of course. Loud girl was having computer troubles and made sure everyone knew she was in a bad mood and why. That made asking her to do something on her computer system kind of difficult. It's one thing to be angry, crabby, or out of sorts. It's another thing entirely to take it out on everyone around you.

Then there was curious girl. I call her this because she is always asking everyone about themselves and about what is going on. Last week, someone from systems came by my cube and said they had treats available in their area and we were invited to come and sample. So I said, loudly, "Hey, there are treats in systems...go sample!" Curious girl looks at me and says, "How long have they been there? I didn't know there were treats." I told her that they just came to tell me to enjoy the treats. She was still indignant that she didn't know about the treats. I tried to tell her that no one knew until they came to tell us. She takes it so personally if people know things and don't share them with her, but she doesn't initiate or ask anyone what's going on.

Yesterday it was so melty out that there was a fine layer of ice on everything. I was being so careful and yet I still fell on the ice. It wasn't graceful or anything. I wasn't even able to catch myself and stop the fall. I slipped and fell flat on my back. I laid there for a little while just making sure I was OK. I was shaken, but fine. Today I am sore and feel like an old lady. I moan when I get up and have to stretch my back out just to move a bit. Good thing I'm still spry enough to fall without breaking anything.

I just talked to my oldest friend on the phone. Hi Mary! It is always good to hear from her. She wanted to know when I might be swinging be the old hometown again. In talking it out, I realized it might not be until May! That seems far too long. I think I need to make a quick trip in February one weekend...maybe after the walk. May is just too long to go without visiting the hometown.

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Anonymous said...

You should try a chiropractor after the fall!