Monday, January 09, 2006

The Sun'll Come Out..Today!

Yes, it is true. The sun came out and shined all day today. It was magnificent. There was light and there were shadows! There was brightness and heat! Oh, what a day!

Only 5 more sleeps until we leave for Florida!

Today I got a self-review to fill out from my boss. What's the deal with these? Isn't the review her job? Why do I have to reveiw myself? Anyway, I filled it out as best I could. I just don't feel like I fit in there anymore. I like my job OK and the people I work with are fine. I just don't feel as though what I do matters...unless I mess up. Then it seems to matter to EVERYONE judging by the comments I receive. I told her that I've been very distracted at work lately. It's so loud there. With Loud Girl yelling, and Newbie and his loud talking, and Question Girl has asthma and is always coughing as though her lungs were about to burst. It is one noisey place. I wish they could hermetically seal me into a sound proof booth. Just me and my FM107. That would ROCK! Anyway, I am not sure when the actual review part of the review is coming, but I am not going to worry about it.

I am sitting at my school waiting for class to start. First time back in class in two weeks. That was a sweet little break. I get another two week break after tonight and then nothing until March or April. Tonight is the start of my Document Publication class. After the last class I took, this is like Kindergarten. I can handle four weeks of this.

Man, I'm sleepy. I could fall asleep in this chair right now. My eyes are so heavy. Maybe it's because I gave up caffiene in soda form. I might have to break down and have a caffeinated beverage tonight. Especially if I have to be here until 10pm. Driving home feeling as I do now could be a little dangerous.

It's a classmate's birthday tomorrow so I bought mini cupcakes to share with the class. Cupcakes are so fun. If you ever want to buy my love, buy me cupcakes. (or chocolate bundt cake) The shi shi grocery store has the best ones. I was going to buy their regular size ones. They were decorated to look like snowmen, but they were $2 each and I wasn't going to spend $20 on cupcakes. The mini ones were $4 a dozen. So I got a dozen. The birthday girl can take home the extras.

Well, I am off to class. Hope it is as cake as the reading was for this week. What is cake is another 2 week break after this! Also, this is the year of my graduation from college. By the end of this year, I will have a BS in Communications and that's no B.S.

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