Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunny Skies And Warm Breezes

This was the sky in Kissimme today. Bright blue and beautiful. It was only 65 degrees, but it was warm enough in the sun to go without a coat.

I woke up after 9 this morning and it felt good to not have to get up to an alarm. We slept in a king size bed and that was good too. After I showered and dressed, Bob got up too. I had hoped to be able to get to Wal-Mart and do some driving on my own, but Bob was determined to spend every spare minute with me today. So I made coffee and we had a small breakfast and then we went to the timeshare main office for their pitch. Thankfully, it wasn't too painful and we scored some Arabian Nights tickets for our trouble. We are going to go on Wednesday night.

After sitting through the pitch, we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some supplies. Bob got some sunglasses and I got some socks. I forgot to pack socks for me. I packed sandles but it's too cool for sandles today, so I need socks.

After Wal-Mart, we came home and ate lunch and chilled out for a bit. After sitting around for a while, we decided to to out for a drive. We drove to a housing development called Celebration and went for a walk. I took bunches of pictures. I really like palm trees and they are here in abundance. After Celebration, we went to Old Town, walked around a bit, then went to Flippers for dinner. Then it was back to the timeshare for some chillin' time.

Overall it was a nice day. Relaxing, fun, and warm and sunny. Is it wrong of me though to wish for some alone time once in a while? Poor Bob. He's so excited to be here and to be here with me. He talks and talks and talks and won't let me just even run to the store by myself. Maybe later in the week it will be better. I am thinking when we are on the beach in Daytona, I will get some time to walk on the beach alone and that will be heavenly. I brought a book to read and have only read a chapter because Bob isn't ready to just sit and be quiet just yet. I love him so much but am ready to just sit and be rather than be on the go, go, go.

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Dawn said...

Hey there, Sorry to hear it isn't quite as hot as you were hoping. :-( Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. I've been checking out your photos at flickr, thanks so much for sharing them. I kinda forget what the sun looks like right about now--lol!!
About wanting some alone time, don't you ever feel guilty about that!! We all need our private time. I cherish mine, and I've been married for 8 years. Bob most likely feels a bit more clingy than most people due to his lack of mobility. Maybe you can just ever so nicely explain how both of you need time apart once in awhile, he will understand. Have you ever told him this? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dawn gives a good vision of what's going on. Poor guy needs to have some kind of outlet besides you and his coins. It all boils down to communication and you need to do that rather than boil and fuming inside your head.
Marriage is a give and take thing and compromising too when need be.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking while reading this post that the roles are kind of reversed with you and your husband. You work outside the home and he's a "stay at home". This is much like wives who stay at home and wait for their husbands to come from work. They get to have adult interaction/conversation etc. I bet if you could think of some creative ways to counter this that you both would be alot happier.