Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Not So Great Of A Day

This is a photo of Bob and his dad from last Christmas. We heard today that Bob's dad has congestive heart failure and is probably not doing so well. When we are in Orlando, we will be only about 450 miles from him. We are weighing out the pros and cons of making the drive to see him. It's about the distance between my home town and the first college I attended, so it's definitely doable. And I've never been to the state where he resides, so I could add it to my "states visited" roster. I say we do it. Bob is more hesitant because he is unsure of his father's health and doesn't want to put him out. If we don't visit him now, the next time we see him will probably be at his funeral. This just makes me feel so sad. I know our parents don't live forever, but I don't think we are ever truly ready to lose them.

In other sad news, my boss took me aside today to say that someone reported my van fundraising efforts for Bob to HR and I am to cease and desist any more efforts. I understand Big Bank Co has a no solicitation policy, but what about all the stupid Girl Scout cookies, wrapping paper, pizzas, cookie dough, and magazines I've bought to raise money for every co-worker's kid's school. I never reported those people to HR and I always buy something because when I was a kid I sold 800 gagillion things to raise money for various and sundry things. To cushion the blow, my boss did say she was working hard at getting her boss to OK a match or donation from our department for our walk and that anyone who received our letter can still donate, but I'm not to solicit any more via notes, photos, emails, candy sales, etc. It just irks me. Try to get a guy a van so he can get outside his apartment, make doctors visits, and reach out to his community and there are people who want to put a stop to it. But try to raise money to send a girl to camp or to buy pencils for some kids homeroom and everyone is all for that. Well, OK, it's not a fair comparison because education rocks in all its forms. Still, it's the principle of the thing.

I'm glad we're leaving for Florida in 10 days. I need a vacation from all this crap. Work hasn't been going so well. Not just because of today's news either. Lately I've been feeling crappy about the work I do and who I am. I've been feeling stupid and stagnant and loser-ish. I feel like (and especially now) I don't have any friends there and no one to watch my back. I guess I just feel alone there. Maybe I just need to become a drone. A worker bee that doesn't interact or get involved. I just come, do my work, and leave. Nothing more and nothing less. I don't know if I can do that, but I may not have any alternative at this point.

I am loving my favorite radio station even more than I did before. They finally gave the ax to Dr. Laura and replaced her with The Satellite Sisters. Now I don't have to turn off my radio or turn the dial from noon to three. I'm still not a huge fan of the 3-6 show, but at least now I can listen from noon - 3 without having to gauge my ears out with a melon baller. If you live in the twin cities area, please turn your dial to 107.1 and check out the real life conversation.

Special thanks to Kathy at
for passing along the info on the van fundraiser. She's a peach of the fuzziest variety.


Dawn ( said...

There's always a troublemaker in every group... I'm sorry that some malcontent took it upon themselves to complain about your fundraising efforts. People can be really nasty. :-(

Also just wanted to let you know that I really like your new, new blog, and I'm glad we can all leave comments. Not that I usually do, but I like to have the option. :-)

Natalie said...

I am sorry to hear about the Scrooge at your work!! All I can say is that people who are usually miserable, unhappy with their own lives are the ones who like to squash everyone else's dreams & happiness. Hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess there is the saying "who said Life was fair?!" It's a bad bad world out there and it isn't fair! I would suppose your work place has rules and there are those people who bring their kid's things in to help them out...then there is you, who needs a van. I don't know where the grey area ends and the black and white area begins but your HR department does have to do what it can. The person who reported you must have been offended at some level and that's hard to take. The HR department will help you by the sounds of it by trying to see if there can be a "match". I'd say count your blessings on that one...maybe it's going to work out way for the best anyway through the company. If not, then this wasn't the channel to take and it was a hard lesson and our sympathys go with you. But I'm sure there are other avenues that you are able to funnel this into. I just heard it said, "God is never early, but he's always on time!" So if he's in this, you will get the desires of your heart. So best wishes on your endeavor! By the sounds of it you were embarrassed and somewhat 'bruised' by this encounter and that's really what this is about.
You will soon be on your way to your vacation count the days and soon you'll be chillin' and relaxin'.