Friday, January 06, 2006

What Is That Faint Shining Orb In The Sky?

The sun tried valiantly to shine through the clouds today but in the end, all we got was a tiny little bit of brightness this afternoon. Now they are saying we may not see the sun until Thursday!

So, today. It was doctor day in our household. Bob first. He finally saw a new primary care physician at the U of M hospital where his MD specialist is. He said this new doctor was a little on the young side, but he really liked him. That's good. I guess he got a thorough once over. The new doc said Bob could stand to lose some weight. Well, couldn't we all. He prescribed a sleeping aid for bob. That's good too. Annnnnnd...Bob has a hernia. He will have to have it operated on, but they can't get him in until April. That's not so good. Poor baby. He also has to see a genetic counselor and a fertility specialist in order to give up some of his boys. Over all, I guess he had a good good as a man can have in a doctor's office during a complete physical.

My turn. I went to the clinic and saw a doctor I was not familiar with. She was very nice and I quite liked her. She took in my complaints and asked me if, based on what I said, if there was any chance I could have Chlamydia or some other STD? Ummm, no. No chance. So she took a urine sample and then performed a pelvic. (Said in Elf's oh so cherubic voice) "Pelvic's are my favorite!" Of course the whole time I'm at the clinic, the pain was no where to be found. Then she did what I was hoping she wouldn't do. She walked through "that door". You see, every month I get my hopes up that THIS month will be THE month. And every month my hopes are dashed to the rocks. It is now 2 days before my period is due and I have been doing so well keeping the lid on that little jar of hope. Only to have this doctor yank it right off with her question, "could you possibly be pregnant?" Ummmm, theoretically, I guess so.

The only problem should NEVER go to the clinic late on a Friday afternoon. You should most definitely STAY there until they tell you the results of your tests, even if it is 10 minutes into the time you should already be back at the office. When they say they will call you with the results, no matter what, do not believe them. Now I have to wait until Monday to know for sure. Except...the minute I got home I peed on a stick and the stick stayed white. So, the hope, it is dashed again. The doctor did say that most likely the discharge is just hormonal and normal for 2 days before a period and the pain is probably muscle aches related to the fall I took on Monday. Why are there always such logical explanations for things that one could construe as pregnancy symptoms?

What does Dr. Google have to say about it all? I'm glad you asked:
Yikes! It could be so much worse.

So, this weekend will be spent pre-packing, doing schoolwork, and snuggling my sweet husband. I feel so fortunate. Two of my most favorite bloggers are experiencing painful breakups and it breaks my heart. I wish they did not have to go through this. Poor women.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember how hard it was having that hope dashed. I was pretty good at keeping the lid on it, too. I know how difficult that can be dear. Hang in there. I'm thinking good thoughts for you.