Friday, January 13, 2006

Things Are Coming Together

Thanks for the suggestions.  Bob called George and offered him $20 for the card and George agreed.  So he will get cash and we will get our card back.  I guess he was pretty complacent, so thats good.

Bob met with the lady from Hearing and Service Dogs of MN today.  She came with a German Shepherd that Bob loved.  The shepherd isnt the dog we would get, she just wanted to bring an example dog.  Bob said Maisey was very curious and wanted so badly to get a good sniff, but the shepherd nipped at her when she got too close.  She just kept trying, though her tail was raccoon puffy the whole time.  Daisy slept most of the time they were there, but came out later and was not quite a curious as Maisey. I think it will work out well with the new dog and our cats.  Bob is VERY excited.  Based on his interview, the woman told him he could expect an acceptance letter by the time we get back from vacation.  Then, in February or March, they will match Bob with a dog and then begin training.  Bob has to be certified.  They will first train at their facility and then begin out of facility training.  Bob told the woman that he prefers Australian or German shepherds, but also likes labs.  This is a good thing.

This morning I printed out our airplane boarding passes.  Our flight is FULL!  I am hoping we can get upgraded, but I never hold my breath.  Someone once told me that when traveling, its better to keep a low expectation and be surprised rather than have high hopes and be disappointed.  Truer words may have never been spoken.  So, we are all set.  We have wonderful people checking in on and living with the cats.  We have all our reservations, passes, tickets, etc.  We have our cash and credit cards.  We are packed (except for what we have to throw in at the last minute tomorrow.) and all I have left is to clean the cat boxes, the master bathroom, and vacuum the floors. Florida, here we come!

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Natalie said...

I hope you guys have a GREAT trip - I am jealous! I am stuck here in Portland, OR and we are into the 26th day of straight rain!! No end in sight.
I have been meaning to ask - what is Bob's Ebay name or whatever. My husband has decided to start collecting coins and I think that is something Bob sells on Ebay.
Can't wait to see pics from Florida!!!

Yseye said...

I think a service dog is such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

If you take your computer with sure to comment to us so we can keep up. It's easier to "lurk" if you dont' keep up the blog.
Have a great time too by the way.
A service dog sounds wonderful so hope that will work out for you and your husband.