Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hee...sorry about the last post

The sun came out today! For photographic proof see the photo in my last post and here I am driving with my sunglasses on for the first time in 22 days.

I got a lot done. I ran my errands and found travel size Tide. Four loads in a $.99 bottle! Score. I found hair color, shampoo, conditioner, some travel size stuff, and a couple new trashy magazines for the flight. I have 4 to read on the way down and 4 to read on the way back.

I got home and started packing. I got my summer clothes out of storage and packed them up. I packed our swim suits and other stuff. I am getting excited! Bob's sister brought the stuff we need to stay in their timeshare, so now we are really ready to go.

I made some dinner, FINALLY washed the dishes, and then cut Bob's hair and trimmed his goatee. I also finished another washcloth. That makes 6 of 10 I need to complete. So I feel good about today and everything I got done. Tomorrow I just have to finish some reading for school and color my hair. Oh, and make the bean and hamburger soup I have beans soaking for tonight.

Bob and I started talking about how long we will be away and thought it might be a good idea to have someone actually stay at our place while we are gone. We asked his nephew who was up for the idea, but may not be able to. Then we thought of the adult daughter of some friends of ours as a back up. I would actually prefer our friends' daughter because they live very close by in case there is an emergency or problem. Either way, it would be better to have someone living here than just checking in. We should know by Thursday if it's going to work out with either of them. Posted by Picasa


Yseye said...

GREAT composition on that photo!

How exciting, I hope you have lovely, warm, sunny weather for your entire vacation!

Cruel-Irony said...

My local natural foods store is a cooperative and I'm a co-owner (cost = $200; $25 every six months), so I receive membership discounts and store sales prices. Also, if you volunteer to work at the co-op for 6 hours a month, you receive 10%. Plus, there are quarterly seasonal discounts of 10%, plus monthly specials (like 5% off all dairy products and 10% for co-owner appreciation day). As a co-owner, I also receive a share of the profits annually. Oh, and they have monthly coupons. So, considering all that, I don't find it more expensive. Also, I rarely ever buy meat anymore and purchase mostly produce, beans, rice and the like which are quite a bit cheaper than meat items. So, if you're not a co-owner and buy a fair amount of meat (or other household items like shampoo), it can be more expensive. You should check out your local store though - it might offer more than you thought. Have a wonderful vacation!

lap said...

My parents are at their place in Okeechobee right now, and the weather is perfection! I'm really excited for you!

I don't have "Midnight Train to Georgia" which is a drag because I would sing it for you every day. I can sing "Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing" for you instead though.

When you come over, we can all play after the bundt cake!