Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I can't believe it's 2006! That seems so...futuristic. Where is my flying car?

I have accomplished a lot this weekend. Of course Friday night was a loss. I came home and vegged out. However, I got up early Saturday morning. Bob was already up so we decided to run errands and get them over with as soon as possible. We went to the bank and the post office. Then we ran to Petco to get cat food. They were having a sale on 20 lb. bags. while there, I ran into a couple who had the cutest little dog with them. As I complimented them, they said they had just come from the Humane Society and that their puppy was from a puppy mill the authorities had just raided and rescued. We chatted a bit more and then Bob and I headed for home.

Once home, I started in on cleaning our home. Man, it's been a while. There was a layer of filth and grime on everything. It's funny. I had kept the home picked up, but not clean. It feels good to have it clean...finally. I also took down and put away all the Christmas decorations. I made some chili and some tortellini soup for our New Year's celebration. I got so much done.

Once I had time to sit down, I put in a DVD and watched Beauty Shop. It was cute. Bob liked it, even though he scoffed when he came in the room and saw a "chick flick" on TV. He does that a lot. Scoffs or turns up his nose at something he things he thinks he won't like only to discover he does in deen like them.

After that, we watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. We were about half way through when our friends showed up. We invited a couple we know and enjoy spending time with, over for New Years. They brought wine and snacks. We ate soup and chili and then spent the rest of the evening talking, laughing, and teasing the cats. I also got 2 and half baby washclothes crocheted. At midnight, we toasted 2006 and our friendship and they took their leave soon after. I cleaned up and fell into bed around 2am.

Today was just as busy and productive. I did 7 loads of laundry and assembled our Christmas/New Year's/Fundraising letters. I got about half way through the stack when I ran out of photos to include. I also made shredded turkey tacos for dinner and they were fabulous! Not only were they good on soft tortillas, they were good with chips.

I finished crocheting my 6th baby washcloth and spent the rest of the night chilling. Bob didn't do so well. He spent most of the day in bed. He was in so much pain and hadn't slept in days that it finally caught up with him. I didn't begrudge him the rest. Poor guy. But I worry about him being in so much pain for such a long period of time. Thankfully, the medical supply place replaced his wheelchair batteries on Friday, so at least he is able to use his chair as much as possible. Walking is really hard on him now and he really suffers from it the next day.

Tomorrow we are inviting the neighbor kids over for pizza. We promised them we would do this with them back when we lived in our old apartment. We are looking forward to having them in our new place. The cats enjoy their company too. So overall we have had a lovely, productive weekend and new year.

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