Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hump Day in Florida

The photo above was from the Arabian Nights dinner show we attended tonight.

Today was supposed to be rainy and yet, it wasn’t. It rained over night, but nothing today. It was, however, quite chilly. We had intended to stay in today as it was supposed to rain, but it didn’t, so we didn’t.

We slept in, did other stuff, showered, and then I took a nap. Such an arduous schedule we keep. After my nap, we had lunch and then decided to cruise about for a bit. I found a coin shop online and drove us there. Bob had a good time shopping for a good find for his collection.

After cruising around, we decided to go to Downtown Disney. It’s part of the Disney World resort, but you don’t have to pay to get in. Unless you count all the shopping one can do in this place. The first place we visited was Ghirardelli chocolate shop. Bob had a chocolate sundae and I had a small strawberry cheesecake cone. Oh, it was sooooo good!

Of course we did some shopping. We picked up a couple of little souvenirs for our neighbor kids, a Christmas ornament, and a snow globe for our collection. We took some photos and…that’s about it. Since it wasn’t raining, we really enjoyed being outside, even if it was a little on the chilly side.

Our big activity today was attending the Arabian Nights dinner show. It’s kind of horsey dinner theater. It was pretty good. I am a horse lover, so of course I loved it. We were served salad, prime rib, mashed potatoes, veggies, and “wedding” cake. We were given a choice of unlimited beer, wine, or soda. I had some wine, but it hits me so hard, I only had one glass.

The show had a story, but was mostly a showcase of different horse acrobats. They had the Arabian white horses and a big black stallion, western horses, chariot races, Broadway type dancing, Native American horsemanship, gypsy acrobatics, and other such examples of horsemanship. It was quite well done although right at the beginning of the show, the emergency announcement kept going off and we were not sure if it was an actual emergency or a mistake. It turned out to be a mistake, but it was a little disconcerting.

I will say if you ever wanted to get good seats to a show, show up with your date in a wheelchair. Every place we have been on this vacation, we are shown such great hospitality and get the best seats. The accessible places are almost always right up in front and it rocks. I don’t recommend getting a disability, but if you have one, make good use of it while on vacation.

You know what’s weird here? We will be driving around Orlando and Kissimmee and there will be strip malls and gas stations and such and all of a sudden there will be cows fenced in on a grassy strip of land. It just seems so random.

Tomorrow they are going to try AGAIN to launch the rocket. We hope to be there to see it. I think we are going to try to see it from Jetty Park at Port Canaveral this time. It’s supposed to be nice weather-wise, though still a bit on the cooler side. It’s not supposed to warm up until Friday/Saturday. This is nice, because Saturday is when we check into the Daytona hotel. Whoot! Anyway, hopefully we will see the rocket launch tomorrow and we will not be pulverized by a plutonium blast. Here’s hoping!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! The pics were pretty cool as well. Was that place where you eat like they did back in the black ages? Or how does this work?

Anonymous said...

Read where the rocket was launched! Did you get to see it this time? Hope your day after 'hump day' was well spent with relaxation, fun etc.

Finding My New Normal said...

This wasn't the place where they ate like they did in the middle ages. That's called Midevil Times. This was a dinner show with horses. They served a choice of prime rib, salsbury steak, chicken, or veggie lasagna. We all ate at tables facing a ring where the show was held.