Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Addendum to Yesterday's Entry

So, we do now have plans for the coming weekend.  And I cant wait!  While trolling about the vast interweb I found a good one night rate at a lovely hotel in Duluth, MN.  Bob has been making some good money from eBay and once I showed him the rate, he determined we could afford to spend one night this weekend at this lovely hotel in Duluth.  So yay!  We will get to spend some time at home doing nothing and some time in Duluth driving the north shore, strolling canal park, and just doing nothing but doing it together away from home.  I cant wait.  I wish we were there now.

The kittens are getting bigger.  I used to be able to hold them both in one hand but now they each require their own hand.  They are two scoops of kittens!  They are brave and hyper and so much fun.  Daisy has adopted Chloe as her own.  We often catch them snuggling during nap time and Daisy has taken it upon herself to groom Chloes long, fluffy coat.  Occasionally Chloe will root around Daisys abdomen as though she were looking to nurse, but she comes away from that fruitless exercise disappointed.  They will also play, though Chloe has claws and sharp little kitten teeth so sometimes Daisy has to give her a motherly nip to teach her to lighten up.  It is pretty cute.

The season finale of Lost is on tonight and I am more excited about this than I have been excited about anything in a long time.  I love, love, love this show.  They are saying that the mysteries will be solved and I kind of hope thats not true.  At least I hope they dont tell us EVERYTHING.  I like it because of the mystery.  I like the guessing and theories and hidden meanings and hints.  If you were planning on calling me tonight, call before 8 or after 9 because from 8-9 central time, I will not be answering the phone.

Did I tell you I lost our cell phone?  I did.  Dont worry, we cancelled it right away and did not incur extra charges, but I lost all my numbers when I lost the phone and that was a bummer.  However, we have a new phone and were able to keep our number so I just had to manually enter all my numbers all over again.  But I wanted to say I have an unnatural attraction to our new cell phone.  Our old phone was small comparatively, but it was one piece and seemed a bit clunky and a tad on the older side.  The new phone is sleek!  It flips open!  It has a camera!  It is cute!  I love it!  I have had it for 4 days and it bugs me that no one has called me on it yet.  I want to hear the new ring tone and see the number flash on the tiny screen.  Our old cell phone was just a tool that we used.  This new cell phone is a toy!  I have become one of THOSE people.  Lord, help me.

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