Thursday, May 18, 2006

Feeling Better

I am feeling better. You didn't know I was feeling off did you? Maybe you could tell because I haven't been here for a couple of days. My head wasn't feeling right. I wish there was a way to legitimately take a day off work because of feeling sick in the head. If I had been feeling sick in the stomach or throat or had a fever, there would be a "good" reason to stay home. But because my psyche was do you call in depressed or anxious? Anyway, I am better today and so thankful.

I haven't struggled with depression and anxiety this great since...probably since 2000. So, 6 years ago. Huh. It seems a lot longer than that. I remember that year just feeling so out of control and scared. I also remember feeling so alone. This year I have more supports in place and am better equipped to deal with it. I met with my counselor yesterday and we had a good session. I also met with my boss to talk about some issues I have been having at work and that was helpful. AND I went to bed early...which is the best medicine over all. When I get rest it all goes better for me.

The kittens continue to be cute and playful. This morning it was the kitten Olymics at our house. They were jumping, tumbling, wrestling, running, and hopping all over the house. It was exhausting just watching them. I am glad they seem to like it here and seem to enjoy me and Bob as well. It's funny because Zoe (the kitten I picked out) seems to like Bob more than she likes me and Cloe (the kitten Bob fell in love with) seems to like me more than she likes him. We love them both.


Rebecca in MO. said...

Sometimes, I think, depression comes when one feels "out of control" of circumstances. You have been going to school, dealing with issues of health with your husband, working a stress-filled job, wanting a child and probably more than what you share here. I'm glad that you have a good support system and are seeing someone who can give you some counsel! Hopefully, you are also laying alot of what you are dealing with at the feet of your Lord! It's in our weakness that He can make us strong. Not a trite thing to say.
Your kittens are adorable! Such cute names! Keep those pics coming!
Also keep us updated with all your news aso we can pray and support you through the web!

Natalie said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Reighnie said...

I just started reading your blog so I don't know all of the circumstances or your situation exactly but I feel like you described sometimes. Like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster and it just has me mentally and emotionally exhausted. I keep telling myself to hang in there. So I offer the same advice to you. It's hard at times.

Your kittens are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. I love cats. They have such unique personalities. Yours are beautiful so sweet.