Tuesday, May 09, 2006


My radio interview with Ian Punnett went well. We went over the basics; Bob took out a life insurance policy in 1994. He had a rider that said should he ever become permanently disabled; the insurance company would pay his premiums. He is permanently disabled so we applied for the rider to be put in force. After a year of waiting, the insurance company denied our claim on the basis that Bob’s MD was a pre-existing condition. Never mind that they are the ones who chose to insure him in 1994 and at the time they didn’t seem to mind his pre-existing condition. We appealed. They denied…again. It’s wrong and we want to know what kind of recourse we might have. Ian said he passed our email to the local news station investigative reporter, and then he opened the phones for suggestions. Most of which we had already received via letters from friends. So, I have an official complaint letter and documentation ready to go to our state attorney general and the state insurance commission. I also have the name of a couple of attorneys, one of which specializes in disability law, the other in insurance law. I think we have a good case, but you never know. I thought the same thing when Bob was unfairly dismissed from his job after his MD diagnosis.

No word yet from our friend from church. However, I have a HUGE burden to pray for the pregnant woman in jail. My heart breaks for her and I just keep praying for her to be free from her addiction and to be healed from the hurts that have led her to this. I will update here as I find out more…if there is more to be found.

I just finished my last paper for my Worldview and Ethics class. This is the class I have to take on Wednesday nights and tomorrow is my last class. Doubling up was HARD and I am thankful that I will not have to do it again. I am exhausted by Thursday and can barely hang on for the weekend. Thankfully this weekend is completely open so all I have to do is sleep in, do homework and maybe clean. Oh, and I am required to show up at church on Sunday. Usually I skip Mother’s Day as it’s so stinking painful. But a friend of mine is going to sit with me and wants me to show up and take a stand in faith that I am a mother whose children have just not been gathered yet. So, I will be there Sunday barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Speaking of church, I do not know how my pastor got the info on the whole Miele invite. I don’t think I included him on the mass invite. So someone on that list must have either passed it along as an innocent forward or as a, “Hey heads up…Amy’s trying to pull something here!” I’m not dwelling on it anymore. Bob and I will be at the other church that Sunday and if anyone else is there, then so be it. Truthfully, the first thing that came to my mind when I read my pastor’s email is that he is afraid of losing the tithes and offerings of the people who may attend the Miele concert and that’s why he got up in my grill about it. Do I know this for fact? No I do not. It’s just what came to mind when I questioned what he could have against supporting our brothers from another country even if they are at a church down the road. (Forgive me, God if I’m wrong.)

As I sit here typing, thunder is booming off in the distance and frogs are singing their evening lullabies. A cool breeze is blowing through our patio door and I just feel that right here, right now, I am in the right place at the right time. Life is sweet.


Rebecca in MO. said...

Not being a mother (yet) at this time might be hard. But I think your friend has it right on for you to attend church (for the correct reason)! Also considr this, there are alot of different ways to "be" a mother. Don't dwell on not carrying a child in your womb..perhaps (or not) this isn't the road God wants you to take. Perhaps He is preparing you to go another route. Perhaps that baby you shared about may be your child....maybe not. But perhaps God is preparing your heart to consider more fully (as you have said before your open to this) the route of adoption.
Had a thought regarding the indident with the internet, your pastor ect...maybe God is preparing your heart to be open to a different church home???!!!! Maybe not, but it's a thought. At any rate you really sound to be in a very good place right now and that's refreshing to read. I'll continue praying for you and your husband. Blessings.

Rosie said...

Pastors do not like it when someone in their church tries to take away the people to another church. Even thought it's just for a concert, it just doesn't sit right. It's almost like proselyting for some pastors. I know my Pastor wouldn't stand for it either. Don't take offense to it. They're just looking out for their congregation. I also don't think he's worried about the tithes and offerings. God provides all the time. I hope everything else is going well and I pray you have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

If a pastor is secure in his ministry and with his church he won't confront people...even if they would attend another church (one one Sunday, I might add). My pastor would say "at least they are in church, worshipping"!
Maybe we're beating this like a 'dead horse' but just wanted to add my comments.