Friday, May 05, 2006

What Would You Do?

OK.  Today I was walking into my coffee place and I am on my way to being late to work.  I got into line (The longest line Ive ever seen at this particular coffee spot) just behind one woman who was obviously with a group of other women.  So I get in line behind herand so do the 4 other women with her.  Instead of getting in line behind me, they all gather in line with her.  None of them look at me but instead all start chatting with one another about how late they are and the length of the line.  Uh, yeah. So I left.  Stuff like that drives me crazy.  I need to call Dr. Babymaker today to see if she wants to schedule the endoscopy procedure and if so, when?  Yikes.  

I should have taken a PTO day today.  I am experiencing the worst cramping.  It is bend over, hug your abdomen, and moan kind of cramping.  Yet, I am at work.  I just popped two extra strength Midol but if I dont feel better by lunch time, I am outa here.  I was not in this much pain during the procedure yesterday or afterwards.  Of course I had jacked myself up on over the counter pain relievers before hand and am pretty tolerant of pain in general.  However, this is just not conducive to doing good work. 

I was watching one of my favorite shows on HGTV last night, House Hunters with Suzanne Whang (pronounced Wong).  I realized that Suzanne is annoying.  Every time she is shown, she cannot talk without wiggling her upper torso.  She doesnt shake her head, but she shifts her shoulders and upper body all the time when she talks.  I wish I could show you, but you will either have to imagine it or watch the show yourself.  It is highly annoying.  I still love the show though.

So I faxed all the preliminary paperwork to the Big Bank Co lending officer.  We have started down the path to possible home ownership.  Not sure what will happen along the way, but we are not turning back now.  Does anyone know how to get things off your credit report that have already been reconciled/paid off?  There are a couple of things on there that were paid of a couple of years ago and therefore should not be on there anymore but I dont know who to contact or how to get it corrected.


bad penguin said...

For the credit report thing, you contact the Credit Bureaus. They have a process you can use to prove you've paid something off. Although I've heard you sometimes have to get a little pushy with them to make them correct mistakes.

Good luck with starting the homebuying process. It can be stressful, but it is worth it in the end.

Anonymous said...

Yes...the process can be stessful to home-ownership. But do your homework and don't jump into the first thing a realtor might want to push you into to make their sale. Have people re-look at the place with you that may have knowlege of houses, construction and such before signing on the line.
As for the credit thing, I've read where you can write a letter to be put in your file....along with what the other writer above wrote about. Best wishes in you house-hunting endeavor.

Sassy said...

You need to write a letter to the credit bureau, detailing when each thing was paid off. By law, they have 30 days to either prove that you still owe it, or remove it from your record. My brother just went through this, and they did it very quickly. Just make sure you send the letter registered mail, so you have a date of when they recieved it.