Monday, May 15, 2006

I am so tired.  How tired?  So tired that I dreamt I was overtired and stressing about not getting enough sleepin my dream!  Thats how tired.  These long Mondays are not getting easier.  Oh wellonly 7 more months and then the diploma!

Our kittens are still the definition of cuteness.  They exhibit separate personalities already.  Zoë is the braver, more independent of the two kitties.  She would rather go exploring than be held or snuggled.  She is the climber.  She is the one who arches her back and hisses at the cats.  She is the one who cries if there is not any food in her dish or if she hears us and we havent let her out of the kennel yet.  Chloe, on the other hand is the little love bug.  She would rather snuggle up on your lap than romp around the room.  She follows her sister, but not to the highest heights or the furthest corner of the apartment.  She isnt as vocal, but she certainly made her displeasure known when we had to clean her kitten butt.  She has longer, fluffier hair and isnt as good about keeping it clean as she should be.  Both kittens follow me everywhere and cry if they cant find me.  They are fun and I am glad (at this point) that we got the pair.

More later.

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