Monday, May 08, 2006

Fighting Battles

OK. So today has not been the greatest day in the history of days. But I'm OK with that. I stayed home from work today because of the incessant cramping. I stayed in bed until well after 10 cuddled up next to our heating pad. I called my RE’s office and asked if this is normal and was told that it is normal. The dye can take upwards of 7-10 days to work its way out of the system and cramping could accompany that. They said to take some Advil and keep the heating pad close by until it works its way out. Okie dokie.

I hate missing work. Not just because of my obligation to my employer but because whenever someone misses work, there is an unspoken thing that happens in my department. It’s as if the person missing work is out mincing about playing hooky instead of sick or taking care of personal obligations. When the person comes back to work, they are kind of given the cold shoulder for a time…usually until lunch or the next day. It’s not fun and it’s unprofessional in my estimation. Our company gives us PTO days for a reason and we should be able to use them at our own discretion without judgment.

While I was home cuddling with the heating pad, I got an email from my pastor. Over the weekend I sent out a mass email inviting our friends to check out Miele at a local church in August. Unfortunately, Miele is performing at this other church on a Sunday morning. My pastor did not think it a good idea to invite everyone and their dog to attend another church on a Sunday morning. Ooops. My bad. I was just so excited that these guys were going to be in town I didn’t even think about that. I emailed him an apology and asked his forgiveness and then asked if we could invite Miele to come to our church either that Saturday or Sunday evening since they would already be in the area. He emailed me back saying he had forgiven me but mentioned NOTHING about inviting the group to our church. This is one of the reasons why the organized church frustrates me so much. I thought it important to be at church not important to be at OUR church. I understand where he’s coming from, but lately things at our church have gotten a bit over controlled in my estimation. We’ll see what happens. Still, it was not a good feeling to be “spanked” by my pastor.

You know, as I got ready to go to school today I kept thinking about yesterday and the weekend as a whole and how there seemed to be so many breakthroughs for us spiritually speaking. And I started to get nervous and feeling trepidation. I began praying through my fear and reminding myself that no matter what is thrown at us, we know who we are and whose we are and we are not alone. Yet I know from experience that when there is spiritual breakthrough, there is also spiritual warfare. Hello warfare! I feel a change coming on and while it might be bad news at the onset, I have no doubt it will be rendered for good in the long run.

Speaking of bad news, I lost our cell phone on my way to school today. I had it when I left the apartment but about a mile down the road, it was no longer in my purse. Most likely it fell out as I walked from our apartment building to my car. I turned around and went back home to look for it but could not find it. I told Bob and he called his sister (whose account our phone is on) and she went right to the cell phone store to report it missing. When she got there, no activity had been found on it yet, so at least we avoided thousands of dollars in charges by reporting it missing. Now when you call our cell phone number there is a message saying this phone is not accepting calls. It is unfortunate timing though. Tomorrow I am scheduled to speak to local FM morning talk show host Ian Punnett about an issue Bob and I are having with Bob’s life insurance company. Ian wanted to talk to me at 7:45 so I gave him our cell phone number so I could talk to him from the parking ramp at work. Now I either have to talk to him from my cube at work or from home. Both are less than stellar options. There is no privacy at work and by sitting in my cube 15 minutes early; I invite work related interaction to interrupt the phone conversation. However, by taking the call at home, I run the risk of having things run late and end up running late for work myself. Gah! I know it will work itself out but it’s stuff like this that stresses me out.

School went well tonight. I only have one more of this particular class and so far I am kicking butt. An “A” should be forthcoming. I also have one more Wednesday night class to make up. I have one more paper to write for it, which I will do tomorrow night. So far, I’ve gotten “A”s on my papers for this class too, so…Yay! Go me. My next class is PR writing. I looked over our syllabus for this class and I see that there is a lot of work involved, but I am excited because at the end, I will have a portfolio full of PR writing samples that I can us in my hunt for a new job/career. The professor that I have now thinks I might be a good fit in the PR Biz, which is encouraging. I am going to schedule a time with the career development office and see how they might be able to help me. Oh! I did some internet searching and found a job available with the CIA in Washington DC! That’s pretty cool. Don’t think I could get Bob to move there though. Housing and cost of living is just as high if not higher and we have no family or peer support there. Still, you never know.

Why oh why is Subway using an old 80’s commercial to advertise their sandwiches? Where is Jared? Have they stumbled upon such hard times that they must now recycle their old material? It was hideous then and 20 years later hasn’t done much to make it better.


Rebecca in MO. said...

So sorry to hear about the cramps. Don't have any insight into that!
As for the pastor, that's really a sad commentary on "The Church". Sounds like he could have some 'jealousy' issues...and as you say 'control' ones as well. Don't know that I could be a part of a congregation with leadership like that. I can see a pastor calling someone in if they had sinned but to do that after something like you did sounds a bit extreme. What is Milele by the way??
You sound so much more 'uplifted' than a few weeks ago. It's very refreshing! Best wishes with your finish with school and the job quest.

j n n said...

Any idea who tipped off your pastor? Or was he included in the original mass email?...