Thursday, May 11, 2006


Yall I am so tired.  I just came out of the bathroom on the floor below ours and I dont remember going there.  That is how tired I am.  When I came out of the stall, I was all shocked because I expected to be in the bathroom on our floor.  I know I went down there to get my mail, I just dont remember going or getting there.  Weird.  Tonight I will tape my usual Thursday night shows and go to bed early.  I can barely keep my eyes open and its only 10am.  My cube neighbor and I are in a yawn fest/contest.

I forgot to mention that my endoscopy has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 30th.  I have to get a pre-surgery physical and apparently I am to receive a bunch of medical information in the mail beforehand.  What is unknown to me is if I have to miss work.  I had my gallbladder removed via an endoscopic surgery in 2003 and was out for a whole week.  I felt pretty good the day of and day after the surgery, but by the 3rd and 4th day I was in a lot of pain.  So, I am waiting for my medical info packet to see if there are some guidelines there before I call to ask. 

I am so proud of Bob.  He is going gangbusters on his eBay business.  He has made more money this past month than he maybe has made up to last month.  He had banked it all and put it in a savings account in a credit union we cant easily access.  We are using this money for a down payment on a house and Bob is pleased as punch that he is making money and therefore (in his mind) making a difference.  He has really struggled with guilt and his sense of self ever since he got fired from his job in 2002.  I havent ever struggled with it other than to lament the change of our life plan.  Its not his fault and he is doing what he can to help and make the best of things.

I dont know why I thought of this today but it might make a cute story, you be the judge.  In fifth grade we were given the assignment to illustrate a folksy proverb.  You know things like A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, or A penny saved is a penny earned.  What did I do?  I read through the biblical book of Proverbs and illustrated a verse I found there.  I dont remember the verse but it was probably, Better to live on the corner of the roof than live with a contentious wife.  I hope it wasnt For a harlot is a deep pit, and a seductress is a narrow well.  Actually, I would like to see the illustration for that!  Ha!  Once we had illustrated our proverb, we were to bring it to class and have them guess the proverb from the picture.  Needless to say, no one was able to guess my proverb from my illustration.  I think I missed the point, huh?

What happened to our spring?  Today is grey, gloomy and cold.  Well, not cold where there is ice and snow, but cold for spring.  Actually, they did get snow in the Black Hills of South Dakota and they may get some snow in the UP of WI and MI.  Nice.  Nothing like a snowstorm in the beginning/middle of May.

I am done with my doubled up class!  Wheee and yippee!  I hope to not have to do that again anytime in the next 7 months.  It is part and parcel why I am so exhausted.  I think I will get a good grade in that class AND in the other class I am taking which is odd considering I feel like I have not done my best in either class because of the way my weeks have been divided.  One more class for this semester and then my final semester will begin.  My final semester of college is going to start in one month! Unless I go to grad school, I am coming up on my last semester of school.  That is kind of sad.  As much as I cant wait to get some personal time back and as much as it will be good to be done and finally have a diploma in hand, I will miss going to school  I have always loved the rituals school brings.  School shopping, scheduling, school supplies, book buying and selling, etc.  I also like how my schedule gets so organized because without a deeply regimented calendar, I would get nothing done.  Having said that, gimmee my sheepskin and send me on my way!  Only one more semester!  Whoot!

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Anonymous said...

When you had your gallbladder surgery...they cut something out and had to rejoin other things. Not too technical in context but is essentially what they did. It was surgery and you needed time to heal. Your upcoming endoscope is exploratory..therefore you may have discomfort after but probably nothing too major. If you're concerned call your clinic and ask the questions now. I'd guess you'll, for sure, miss the day of the event and probably can go to work the next day.