Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Halfway Through the Week from H--L

So yesterday I rescheduled my Simply to the Table session for later this month.  It usually only takes me an hour and a half, but I was fretting about the paper that is due today but was not even started yet.  The Bob insisted I pick something up for dinner, so I stopped at Byerlys for some chicken and taters.  While standing in line waiting for someone to help me, I struck up a conversation with the gal next to me and she was so excited to be there.  She said she was in town on business and LOVED Byerlys.  She said they didnt have anything like where she is from and she was going to eat there every night this week while she was in town.  Her love for Byerlys knows no bounds.  I agreed with her that Byerlys is special and that maybe the only way they could be better is if they had room service.  She laughed, got her meal, and went on her way.

I got home, fed the cats, fed Bob, ate my dinner, and then started browning the onions, garlic, and hamburger for the potluck meal I was making.  While that was browning, I managed to clean out the dishwasher and refill it.  Also, I was the recipient of a fabulous shoulder massage from Bob.  Once the meat was browned and added to the delicious taco soup, I could get down and get busy on my paper.  I worked from 6-9 straight and got a 7 page paper on the history of the church out of it.  I never felt so good after it was done.  I spent from 9-10 just vegging out in front of the TV and hit the hay hard til my alarm startled me awake this morning.

The past 3 mornings Ive had the worst cramps.  I am in the midst of princess lady time, but I am not sure if these are related cramps.  I am hoping to get some answers about all of this tomorrow during my HSG (uterine dye test).  I am surprised they scheduled it so close to my cycle ending.  I started on Friday and they scheduled me for the following Thursday.  I DO know that extra strength Midol is my new best friend.  I dont know if these cramps are princess lady time related but they do respond beautifully to the Midol.  What did women do before Midol and Always with wings and tampons?  I dont want to know.

Bob is coming to work to join me for lunch.  We are having a Tres de Mayo potluck lunch today.  If he didnt come to lunch, we wouldnt see each other until 11 tonight and it just gets so hard after 2 days of already not seeing much of each other.  The food from the potluck is cooking away in front of me and smells so good I may just have to dive in early.  Some of the offerings today?  Taco soup with and without meat, chicken enchilada hotdish (why does Microsoft not recognize hotdish as a real word? The programmers must not be from Minnesota),   cheese enchiladas, Mexican rice, refried beans, home made salsa with chips, wild rice and chicken hotdish, taco salad, 7-layer dip, home made guacamole, and some yummy desserts.  Dont you wish you could be here?

This weekend Bob and I are going to the Festival of Nations.  Bob has never been and Ive been twice.  Bob is not too sure about going and I am anxious about him having a good time, but he wanted to do something with me this weekend and this is what I want to do.  If youve never been, come on down to the St. Paul River Centre.  Its a fun event that celebrates the heritages of all the nations of the world.  There are booths, crafts, demonstrations, dancing, singing, and food!  One year there were even baby farm animals (Mom on Roof, look out, there may be photos of baby farm animals forthcoming!).  Only 3 more days until sleeping in and the Festival of Nations.  I. Cant. Wait.

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Rebecca in MO. said...

Remember, Amy, when stressed out as you've been writing about...'whose strength are you walking in?!' I sometimes wish I could just reach through the computer screen and touch you and pray over you that you already have a Spirit within you that has the power you can draw from! This goes with whatever situation you are in..whether it be your school, your quest for parenthood, good health...or whatever it is. You know the rest of "seek ye first.."! I'm so happy you got your paper done and a good meal with your husband besides. The priorities were set right. Is the festival you're going to called Cinqo de Mayo? Sounds fun at any rate.