Thursday, May 04, 2006

Countdown to the Wand Monkeys

Poor Bob.  He overslept so he missed school today.  So he thought it would be a good time to catch up some on his eBay businessexcept out DSL is experiencing an outage.  No idea when it will be back on.  He is pulling his hair out in frustration.  The good news is he can now accompany me to my uterine dye test!  Wheeee!  Yeah, that excites him.

I feel like crap today.  I am so tired, still crampy even though my period is done, and just have an overall sense of malaise about me.  I am almost looking forward to the uterine dye test because at least I will be lying down.  Right?  Maybe not.  I dont know.  I am not so much looking forward to the part about having things in my hoo haw, but if I can catch a cat nap while on the table, that might make it all worth it.

Bob and I are meeting with a guy on Saturday to see if we could in any way qualify for him to build us a home.  This dude and his company specialize in building, not only accessible homes, but barrier free homes.  We dont need all the bells and whistles at this point, but it would be nice for Bob to not have to just make due in his own home.  I emailed this guy yesterday and explained our story and situation.  I asked if it would even be worth it for us at this point to look at one of his homes as an option or if we should just work our way up to that and stick to a condo/townhouse type thing right now.  He emailed back and said he can help us and has helped others in our situation in the past.  So we are meeting with him at 5 on Saturday.  I also emailed Big Bank Cos company home loan experts to see what we might qualify for.  I got an email back with a phone number I will call after the wand monkeys have their way with me this afternoon.

Only 45 more minutes until I leave work.  Still 2 hours away from my appointment.  I just want it to be done and over with and have the answers I am hoping comes with all of this.


lap said...

I'll keep you in my thoughts about the test, and the potential house!

Anonymous said...

Could Bob not qualify for some kind of assistance regarding a home since he is disabled? Check the agencies in your state/area to see.

My Sping On Things said...

Let us know how your HSG went.