Thursday, May 18, 2006


I went off coke 4 days ago.  Actually, thats not true.  I allowed myself 1 coke during class in order to stay awake for the drive home and will probably continue to allow myself 1 coke per week for the same reason.  However, right now I am sitting at my desk doing my work when all of a sudden my brain says, I want a Coke.  I ignore this voice and go on working.  The voice gets a little louder and a little more persistent, I Want a Coke!  I still am able to ignore the voice and go on working although now I begin to feel a niggling little headache over my right eye.  Ow.  The voice, once again makes its plea, I WANT A COKE!!!  I stop and massage my temple.  What could one Coke hurt, I think.  I could get a can instead of the bottle I normally get. I could water it down with ice. I could pour half of it out and just sip the rest to stave this craving and help my head stop hurting.  The voice begins to soften, Mmmmm Coke.  Think of how good a nice, ice cold Coke would taste right now.  Think of the bubbles and the fizz and the sweet goodness.  Not only do I start thinking of the Coke but I begin thinking of what might go with a Coke.  A nice bag of chips, perhaps.  Or a small candy bar.  Or some ice cream.  Oh yeah!  An ice cream sandwich!  I could run down to the store on the first floor of our building and get a can of Coke and an ice cream sandwich for less than two bucks. 

This is how my bad habits start.  One craving gives in to another and another and another.  Sliding down the slippery slope of snacks. However, as much as I wanted to, I did not give in to The Voice.  This time.


Anonymous said...

It's the's an addiction. Making you want to eat more and that's the ruse of the 'slippery slope' you talk about. All the 'whites' in one's diet are not good for them (us)! Sugar, white flour, white rice and so forth.
What you might need is only water as our bodies get dehydrated and make us think our 'blood sugar' needs a boost or caffeine. When all you need to do is drink water. Try flossing your teeth or brushing them when you get this feeling as well. Keep healthy snacks at your desk.. Good luck, it's a battle but it's doable.

Reighnie said...

Wow, you sound like

There was a big sale last summer on coke products. It was something like 4 cases for $10 with a $5 rebate, limit 3. I stocked up from all three of the local stores that had the promotion and it was the beginning. Pretty soon I wasn't even eating, just drinking coke after coke. I gained 20 lbs!

I have a love/hate relationship with that stuff. lol

I could totally see myself doing what you were talking about... in fact an ice cold coke and ice cream sandwich sounds really good. But I've been good, no coke for me. It's been a few months now. Crazy how that stuff gets ya hooked.

Anonymous said...

awright, awready, so where did you go?