Thursday, May 04, 2006

HSG Report

This is me in the changing room at the imaging center of my hearth care facility. Isn't this an attractive look? What? Don't you take photos of yourself to document your path to parenthood?

It wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't recommend it as a regular extra curricular activity. It was made 100% better by a kind and friendly X-ray tech and my sweet RE, Doctor Babymaker.

I got there about 15 minutes before I was told to be there and taken right back. I had to change into two gowns, one to cover the front and one to cover the back. The X-ray tech was super sweet and took me into the...viewing room, I guess I'll call it. She had me get on the table and then explained the procedure. She asked me if I had taken any pain reliever and I admitted I had, but in anticipation of not getting in right at my set appointment time, I had taken it just before leaving work to get there. She said I should be OK and that while it might not help the discomfort during the procedure, it would most likely help with the cramping that often occurs after.

We chatted a bit while waiting for Dr. Babymaker. She is so sweet. She went over the procedure herself and asked me if I had any questions. I did say that X-ray Techie had mentioned using a larger than normal speculum and that concerned me because of previous issues I've had. She said they would see what sizes they have to work with. She then had me lay back and proceeded to prep me.

I laid on my back with my feet in stirrups. Dr. Babymaker inserted the speculum and then cleaned my hoo haw. That felt weird in that it actually tickeled. She laughed at me giggling from my insane ticklishness. Then she inserted thingy (I am sure that is the official name of the instrument) and that didn't feel so hot. She mentioned that my uterus is tipped and did I know that. I said I had been told that at my last annual inspection but had otherwise not been aware of that. She said it doesn't make a difference in conceiving but might be an issue in delivering a baby. But first thing is first.

Once she was ready to inject the dye, Dr. Babymaker had X-ray Techie go get the radiologist. Mostly all he did was adjust the x-ray thing so it was positioned directly over my uterus. When Dr. Babymaker injected the dye, it was not a pleasant sensation. In fact, it felt like the beginnings of the worst of my monthly cramps. X-ray Techie held my hand and told me to breath deeply and watch the screen. I did both. I watched the dye move through my uterus into one fallopian tube and then into the other. It took longer to get into the second tube and the discomfort was pronounced. But before I really got too uncomfortable, it was over.

Dr. Babymaker got right to the point. My uterus and tubes look good and all are clear. There are no blockages or stops. That is not to say there is not scaring or issues related to any possible endometriosis, but as far as blockages are concerned, there are none. Dr. Babymaker is going to go over the films more in depth but she said it all looks good. She did say that it looking more and more likely that she will want to do an endoscopy to see what kind, if any, scaring or issues may be occuring from endometreosis. So, yikes! Next up is Bob's appointment with the urologist on the 16th. Oh, and I asked her if the 9 level on my FSH was good and shouldn't it be closer to 7. She said it is good and what she likes to see is an 11 or below. She said 7 is NOT the magic number and I should be happy with the 9. So, go me and go Dr. Babymaker!

X-ray Techie helped me get off the table and sent me into the changing room to get dressed. She gave me a wet washcloth and a towel and a pad. All were needed. I still felt crampy and a little light headed, but was thankful for the whole thing to be done. I cleaned up, got dressed and met X-ray Techie in the hall. She walked me to the exit and told me to make Bob take me to dinner later on.

Once I got home I just rested and Bob took care of me. Not that I really needed it, but I milked it and Bob was more than willing to comply. Hee. While lying on the couch I did manage to make a call to Big Bank Co's mortgage department. The news was not encouraging. We might qualify for an FHA loan but only for $100,000. Do you know what $100,000 can buy you in the Twin Cities? MAYBE a former crack home in the hood. Certainly not a handicapped accessible home with a nice little yard. We could most certainly qualify for another kind of loan with an 80/20 rate but even if we up the cost of the home to $150,000 our payment is close to $1200 per month. Technically we can afford it because our rent plus the 2 car payments we no longer have just about equal that. But still, $150,000 doesn't get you much around here either. I am going to fill out some paperwork tomorrow and fax it in and then we are going to talk to the house guy on Saturday and see where that gets us. The Big Bank Co lenders didn't know of any home buying helps for the handicapped, but maybe the house guy will.

So, encouraging news from Dr. Babymaker but not such encouraging news from Big Bank Co lending. Still, we have been surpised in the past and could still be surprised.


Anonymous said...

Two things: have a question here regarding your baby-making decisions. You're never shared if there has been a consult with a geneticist regarding your husband's illness vs having a child with the same thing. Is that something you all have explored?
With a house buying venture it's said to never take on debt that will exceed 40% of your income for housing...Big Bank(s) may be more than happy to give more than that but that's where couples get into trouble. Just an FYI to someone whose been there.

lap said...

Amy you are so brave! Which is good, because you really have to be to get what you want in life, right?

I love, love that you took that picture.

my spin on things said...

Studies indicate that genetic factors may make certain individuals more susceptible to the disease, but there is no evidence that Multiple Sclerosis is directly inherited. So my thinking is that they don't need genetic counseling. Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Wrong...because they are dealing with muscular dystrophy which is a genetically passed on affliction. Multiple sclerosis has to do with the central nervous system and isn't passed (as far as experts know) by genetics. The best possible theory on that is it's is caused by a virus. It's a totally different illness!!

Jen G. said...

Ok, so my take on the tipped uterus is doesn't affect anything. Mine is introverted or some other kind of "verted" and it didn't affect getting pregnant faster than the speed of light or having completely normal and easy deliveries. Just thought I would get my 2 cents in! Love ya girl!