Sunday, November 25, 2007


This was my first official weekend of nothing to do. Well, there was stuff to do, but nothing was done out of obligation.

Saturday was spent sleeping in and watching movies. At least the morning was spent that way. I watch Ocean's 13, Evan Almighty, and Blades of Glory. Then I got up and cleaned off our garden balcony and put up the Christmas lights. Actually, before I did that, I prepped the turkey and put it in the oven so that I could clean off the balcony while it cooked. The balcony took me quite a while to clean up, but it was sunny and a little bit on the warm side. I wore a sweatshirt and didn't even need gloves until the sun started to set, so it was all good.

Once the balcony was clean and the lights were up, it was turkey time. It was a small bird...only about 10lbs and it was really good. I made mashed potatoes and stuffing to go with it and reheated the leftovers we brought home from our Thanksgiving dinner. It was yummy and we ended up stuffed.

I cleaned up the dinner dishes and decided to make a bundt cake for Lap. I knew I was going to help her move and we have emailed and commented enough on our love of the bundt cake that I thought it might be a nice thing to do. I happened to have a Harry and David bundt cake mix in the pantry and it was easy enough to whip up. It made our house smell chocolatey.

Today I got up around 8 and was out the door by 9. I wanted to get to the laundromat soon after it opened so I could get our laundry done before meeting Lap to help her move. I was able to get it done and was on my way to Lap's house when she called to see if I was still coming. I got there just fine, presented the bundt cake and proceeded to NOT help her move. Well, I helped in that I let her load up our van with stuff and then I drove it to her new place where she unloaded it. It's hard to move stuff when you have to wear a walking cast. Lap knew I was casted so it wasn't a big deal. I wish I'd been more help to her but was glad that at least I could offer our van for a load.

I got home later in the afternoon and unloaded our laundry and sat down to read. As I was reading, I heard a duck quacking. Turns out a little brown duck was hanging out by the entrance to our apartment building. According to our neighbors, she'd been there all day. I took some bird seed out to her in case she was hungry. She walked a little ways away from the door when I came out but she stayed close enough for me to take photos.

She finally flew away at sunset so she wasn't injured but she was alone and stayed next to our building's entrance all day. Funny duckie.

Now we are going to watch the MN episode of Extreme Home Makeover. It took place just a couple of miles from our home and we've never been by the site. Still, I'm excited to see it on TV.


lap said...

You were a huge help, thank you so much! Elizabeth said the bundt tastes like fudge with frosting like on a donut. She immediately wanted seconds...

lap said...

Oh goodness, I couldn't stop tearing up the entire episode, everytime Taylor talked. Her and Tara's room were almost better than Stella and Olivia getting beds that said they loved them in Elmo's voice.

The cake is super good. It wasn't too sweet for me, it was perfect!