Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Diagnosis is in

The diagnosis from Target clinic is…bronchitis.  I seem to get this every year.  Whatever minimal cold I get seems to turn into bronchitis.  My voice is almost gone from all the coughing I’ve been doing.  Thankfully the doc prescribed benzonatate (Tessalon Perles) to suppress the cough. They work pretty well.  I am allergic to Codeine so doctors are limited in prescribing me a cough suppressant.  She also gave me an RX for an albuterol inhaler to help with the bronchial irritation.  She told me to get some Mucinex as well which could help make the cough more productive and not just an irritating happening.  I went to bed early and only woke up coughing once that I remember.  Feels so good to get some rest.

The ankle is still sore though not as swollen.  I took one of our couch cushions and put it on my bed under my covers so I can sleep with it elevated.  I put ice on it when I got home and elevated it while watching TV.  It’s still black and blue but not quite as sore.  It feels more stiff than sore.  Unless I accidentally bump it or twist it in some way…then it hurts a lot.

It looks like my professor from my last class FINALLY posted our final grade.  He posted the points so I can’t yet tell if it’s an A or a B but it looks good either way.  I get so nervous about grades and work and yet it usually ends up just fine.  Only 9 more days until the last day of class for good.  Our final PowerPoint presentation is due as is our final paper.  Our paper is really as good as done. I have one more page to submit and then I have to work on the final presentation. We are going to present our final as though we are presenting to folks interested in purchasing a franchise of our business.  I went around work today taking photos of co-workers so I can use the photos in our final presentation.  I also need to take my photo so it looks like an official business photo.  Then I will work on it this weekend.  I can’t wait until this is all said and done.

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