Friday, November 23, 2007

No Black Friday for Me

Thanksgiving was good.  It was low key, but good.  I had to work today which sucked donkey balls but I can sleep in again tomorrow so there’s that.  I need to clean off the debris and detris that is now cluttering our former garden balcony.  I have a plan to do that tomorrow but, it might not happen tomorrow either.  Depends on how I feel.  I have a whole Saturday staring me in the face and I have absolutely nothing that HAS to be done.  At all.  I might just sit on my butt and read.  Or crochet.  Or catch up on TV.  Or start on the picture project I want to do for my graduation/birthday party.  Or nothing at all.

I met with my boss the other day and it turns out that Young Guy is creating a training manual for his team and once he’s created the outline, it will get kicked to our team as to what kind of content in regards to annuities needs to be added.  My boss was thrilled that I wanted to help write it.  She was all kinds of excited that I had interest and now the training to do such a thing.  It pays to speak up…albeit in a friendly, open, and non-hostile manner.  We are still leaning the whos and the whatnows in getting along and working together and so far, so good.

Bob is feeling much better.  He’s on an antibiotic.  He said he didn’t even know how sick he was until he started to feel better.  Typical.  I am watching him closely and at the first sign of anything beyond a regular cold, his butt is getting shipped to the doctor.  In my health news, my ankle is feeling better and I am anxious to get the OK to stop using the walking cast.  I see the doc on Tuesday for an update.

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Yvonne said...

All and all, except having to work yesterday, a good report.

Enjoy YOUR Saturday!