Monday, November 12, 2007

Ankle is Hurty

I have an appointment tomorrow over my lunch break for an ankle x-ray.  The swelling and bruising has all but gone away but damn if my little ankle doesn’t still hurt like a dog.  Yesterday it hurt so bad at one point that Bob offered me one of his prize pain meds.  I believe he had the ulterior motive to shut me up and rest since I was so snappy and short with him and the cats due to dealing with the pain.  I bought a sock-type wrap thing but I got the wrong size so I’m still wrapping it with an ace bandage and that seems to be working OK so far.  I hope it’s not broken and needing a cast though I think I need something more than an ace bandage considering the pain it’s causing me right now.

I can’t stop thinking about that furniture.  I know my chances of winning are infinitesimal but I so want to win.  I really, really, really want to win.  I hope I win.  I never allow myself to look at furniture because my love of furniture knows no boundaries.  Now that I’ve looked at furniture and seen what’s out there and have the possibility of winning $5,000 in furniture, my mind is occupied by little else.  Please let me win!

Actually, my mind is occupied by the fact that this week brings my last day of school.  Yay!  Thursday is it my friends.  After Thursday there is no more school for me.  Unless by some miracle we manage to raise enough money for me to go to the other school I mentioned yesterday in order to major in digital photography.  But the chances of that are even less than winning the furniture.

Bob is still excited about the cruise.  I went online to find out what kind of shore excursions we can take and there are some fun things to do.  Not all of them are affordable…like the helicopter tour for a mere $350 per person, but some of them sound fun.  There is one that takes you to the home of an Iditarod winner to see his husky puppy ranch and sled dogs.  There is a tundra tour by horseback.  There is a whalewatching cruise.  There is a jeep ride through Denali.  It all sounds fun.  In looking over the cruise brochure, we saw a photo of the room that we chose and it’s beautiful.  There is a veranda and floor to ceiling windows.  We.  Can’t. Wait.

Now that school is almost done, I’ve begun planning for my grad/birthday party.  I have the invites and the map/direction insert.  I have the menu and shopping list planned.  I’ve put a hold on the main building party room.  I am uploading songs from iTunes to have playing during the shin dig.  Once school is completely done and I don’t have to do homework on weekends anymore, I am going to go through my photos and negatives and create a power point slide show of me over the past 40 years.  Fun!

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