Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Just Know

Sometimes I just KNOW things.  Like when I knew one of my best friends was engaged before she told anyone.  Or when I knew another friend was pregnant before SHE did.  Like I also know that the job I applied for within another department is actually going to be offered to the co-worker that sits beside me.  Damn it.  She is going to beat me out of this god forsaken department and I will be left here holding the bag and HER workload in addition to mine.  Damn, damn, damn. She hasn’t said anything but I know it’s coming.  We were both qualified but I didn’t get the interview and I am pretty sure she did.  The job is no longer posted on our job site which is a sign that it’s filled.  Dangity dang it.  I just hope that getting my P&C license in January will help me finally get out of here.  I’ve also applied for 2 jobs at my school and haven’t heard the first word on that so not sure what to do there.

I got Bob’s semen analysis back today.  It’s not good.  His total count is good at 64 million (they like to see over 20 million).  However, his motility (# of swimmers) is only at 10% and it should be over 40%.  His morphology (normal shaped) is only at 20% and they want to see over 55%.  I don’t think there is much that can be done about this but the nurse suggested he see the clinic’s urologist.  He specializes in infertility in men and might have some words of wisdom for Bob.  The hard part is that what is most likely causing this in Bob is his pain medication and the fact that he sits in a wheelchair all day every day.  He wears loose skivvies but by sitting all day, they still wear close to his unit.  There is not much we can change about either of those things.

This weekend will be my last weekend of schoolwork.  I can’t wait.  The following weekends will be spent planning my 40th birthday/graduation open house.  I have photos to scan and fix, invitations to address, stamp, and mail, a theme to plan (40 and fabulous), a menu and cake to plan and order, and other sundry things to do.  Fun!

I can’t wait until this cruise is paid off in its entirety.  Bob has such a tight hold on our finances that I can’t do anything fun…or anything at all.  Everything is “how much will that cost?”  “Can we do without that?”  I need a new winter coat and a dress for graduation.  We also need to get a copy of his birth certificate and our wedding license for passports.  Then we need to get his picture taken and both our passports ordered.  I also have a growing grocery list, not to mention the thanksgiving foodstuffs, and we have Christmas and birthdays coming up as well.  I have little to no doubt we will have this cruise paid off in short time, but until then, he is driving me crazy with the tight purse strings!

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