Monday, November 19, 2007

Brand New Degree and No Where to Go

I’m kind of pissed right now.  It might be the weather which has been gray and foggy all the damn day but more likely than not it’s the fact that I just found out that the kid (he’s 25) that sits behind me has been made project manager on a project designed to train incoming new hires on the product that I am solely responsible for auditing.  Whenever someone at Big Bank Co. writes an annuity, they send the paperwork to me.  I look it over and make sure that A.) It’s a suitable sale, B.) That the paperwork is filled out completely and correctly, and C.) That all the compliance issues are good to go.  If all those things are good and right, I send the paperwork on to our insurance companies.  If not, I either mark what needs to be changed or change it myself and send a letter explaining what needs to be done in order to make it right.  I send that to the agent, make copies to keep on hand, and wait for the corrections before sending it on.  The kid that sits behind me is a customer service rep in our banker call center.  He too explains how to fill out the paperwork over the phone to new bankers. More often than not, he’s growing frustrated with their repeated questions and asking them if they are stupid or if they just need to write everything down. (Seriously…the things he says to our bankers are just plain rude!)  So who is better qualified to create a training manual? Me, who has been here nearly 5 years and knows all things annuity AND has a bright shiny new degree in Communications, or some punk kid who’s degree is actually in finance and can’t be bothered to respond in a friendly and helpful manner to our bankers?  I think I might bring this up in my 1:1 with my new manager tomorrow.  Sometimes I hate this place.  Plus I’m freezing.  All day I’ve been freezing. Brrr.

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Yvonne said...

One on one would be good. Maybe there's something better coming your way!