Thursday, November 01, 2007

Still, Products, Training

So we were all prepared with our second candy bowl of nefarious candy for the non-costumed trick-or-treaters and we didn’t get a one!  In fact, we only got about 6 trick-or-treaters total.  We know of at least another half dozen kids from our building that didn’t even show up for the goods.  Don’t know what’s going on there but now we’re stuck with this bowl of unpopular/yucky candy.  Maybe we will put it in a ziplock back and save it for next year.

I went to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist what kind of ointment would work on my scabby, chapped nose.  She suggested petroleum jelly.  Gah!  I actually found a vitamin E/aloe vera ointment that didn’t cost too much so I got that.  It was slightly goopy and petroleum jelly-like in consistency but it seemed to sooth quite well.  It also smells amazing since I think they added ginger or lavender or some other yummy smelling floral.  The only problem is that I left my salve at home so I sit at work AND school today without benefit of my new soothing find.

My new manager started today and so far so good.  I do think that she may be more in synch with the corporate big whigs than our previous managers and I’m not sure what that means for us.  At her introductory meeting we were told news of staggering proportions but the details of which I cannot share here.  However, the phrase “this is not a job consolidation issue/process” was uttered over and over making me and my co-workers think it must certainly be a job consolidation process/issue.  Still, things change here all the time and it mean nothing in terms of job loss.  I DO wish people would stop putting the word “set” after other jobs.  I have skills, not a skill set.  We sell products, not a product set.  We train, we do not have a training set. 

Another night of craptacular sleep due to cough has made me crabby, easily frustrated, and tired.  It doesn’t help that the lunch we had catered in consisted of lasagna and tiramisu.  Where’s my nap mat?  Also, it’s school night so I have another long night ahead of me.  Sigh.


Yvonne said...

I hope your nose heals well. Good luck with the new manager.

Mary said...

Ah, but have they taught you how to have daily huddles so you can cascade information down to employees? Those are the new buzz words at my employer. Excuse me, but barf.

Hang in there, and congratulations on finishing your degree! That's so great, you have really stuck with it and I'm so proud of you.