Monday, November 26, 2007

In regards to health

I made a quick trip into the dentist this morning.  I have a molar on the upper left side of my mouth that has been kind of bothering me.  This morning while brushing my teeth it was really tender.  Once I got to work, I called my dentist’s office to see when I could get in and they said they had time now.  I said I could be there in half an hour.  (I was at work for half an hour and then left again!)  I made it in record time and was called right back.  They took an X-ray and my dentist checked it.  Turns out that the tooth is one another dentist told me needed a root canal and crown.  My current dentist showed me the X-rays she had taken back then and he couldn’t see a problem with the tooth in question and wondered if I remembered why it needed the root canal and crown.  I don’t remember…maybe I should do a search in my archives to see if I wrote about it.  Maybe my former dentist was one of those “up-sell” dentists and did work that didn’t really need to be done.  Anyway…all of this to say that I have an appointment with the endodontist on Wednesday to see if this tooth can even be saved.  I guess I’ve experienced some bone loss and as a result the post and crown are wobbly and a bit loose.  As a result of that, my bite is off and the gums tender.  If it’s going to be a huge big deal to save the tooth, I’d rather they just pull it.

So this is the week of health issues it appears.  Today it was my dentist, Wednesday it is the endodontist, and tomorrow I am going back to the doctor to have her look at my foot/ankle and see what’s going on there.  The bone part feels better, but it’s still swollen compared to the right foot.  Also, when I stretch in the morning after sleeping all night, it hurts during the stretches.  It also hurts if I am sitting crosslegged on the couch with the left foot underneath.  So I can’t do that right now.  I am not wearing the cast as much around the house but when I go out and about and when I go to work I still wear it.  It does provide support and protection to the ankle and is probably still needed but not for the bone setting as much as the muscles and ligaments.

I might have the doctor listen to my chest while I’m there tomorrow.  I am still coughing.  It’s been 5 weeks since I had that cold and I am still coughing.  The cough doesn’t seem to be from irritated bronchi as much as it feels like I need to cough up phlegm or clear my lungs of fluid.  I am not as good about taking the Mucinex so maybe should get back on that.  I don’t cough at night while I’m sleeping but wake up feeling like my lungs are full of fluid and cough off and on throughout the day.  This is the hangingonest cough I’ve had in a long time.

I forgot to mention that while helping Lap move, I got to spend time with her daughter Mina.  Talk about a cute little pixie!  Mina road with me in the van on the way over to the new house and I learned about her school, her friends, her new house, her family, and so much more.  She is definitely not a shy child and I found her extremely delightful.

I can’t believe December starts in 5 days.  Where did November go?  Actually, I’m kind of excited about December this year.  December is the month of my eldest nephew’s 13th birthday.  December is the month of the grad expo where I will receive my cap and gown and tix.  December is the month of my 40th birthday.  December is the month of my graduation from college.  December is the month that I get a full 5 days off from work in a row.  December is the month of Christmas.  December is the month I get to see my entire family for graduation and Christmas.  December is jam-packed with events.  There is at least one event occurring every week during the month of December.

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