Saturday, November 10, 2007

Communication is Key...Who Knew?

It turns out if I make time to talk to Bob, things go better. Who knew? We chatted last night and Bob said he would see the clinic urologist. He just said that the other day he was frustrated with his test results and the whole ordeal that he said he just kind of reacted out of his frustration. I can certainly understand that. I asked him if he wanted to stop trying to have a baby. He said no. I asked him if he wanted to give up on having our own and move right to adoption. He said no. He even said that if we do get pregnant before the cruise and have to postpone it, he will be disappointed but oh, what a reason to postpone. He was awesome. Communication...the key to a healthy relationship. You heard it here first.

The local radio station is hosting a contest in conjunction with a local furniture store. If you go to the store and submit an entry form listing the furniture you want within a $5,000 spending limit and they draw your name, you win the furniture! Today I went and picked out $5,000 worth of stuff we have been wanting, dreaming of, needing. I am an ace shopper because for the grand total of $5,070 I picked out a queen mattress set, a counter top casual kitchen table and stool set, a hutch and buffet, a sofa, a love seat, and...just to tempt fate, a crib. If I win, I owe the extra $70 bucks, but that's a good deal, no? My favorite pieces are the table and hutch/buffet. The table is counter top height which is perfect for Bob's chair. He can get under it without us having to make the table higher. Plus it has a nice little storage area underneath. The hutch and buffet are just lovely and would look amazing with that table. I hope we win!

Now it's off to do more homework. This is my last weekend of homework. Whoot!

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