Friday, November 16, 2007

No More Teachers' Dirty Looks!

I didn’t win the furniture.  I can’t even tell you how disappointed I was when they announced the winner and it wasn’t me.  I don’t know what it was, but I was SURE I would win that contest.  Just positive, yet it wasn’t me who won.  Going home to our 2nd hand, ramshackle, make-do furniture just doesn’t seem right now.   Bummer. 

The good news is that I am DONE!  I am now officially done with all requirements needed to get a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Communications.  And it only took me 21 ½ years!  Class last night was good.  We had to present our final presentations and we were supposed to finish some discussion on our reading as well.  However, after the last presentation, the professor just let us leave.  We all caravanned to a classmate’s house where we proceeded to talk about our classes, our homework, our professors, and the journey we just completed together.  It was a nice time.  We won’t see each other again until graduation but we found out that one of our classmates is speaking at commencement!  Sweet.  It’s good to be done.  Oh!  And I found out that so far (I still have one final grade that needs to be recorded) I have a grade point of 3.51.  Not bad for a gal who originally flunked out of college.

The ankle is feeling a thousand times better.  I can’t believe I walked around for 10 days with a broken ankle.  When I take off the walking cast the pain is so incredibly noticeable…I don’t know how I missed it for so long.  It should heal pretty quickly now that I’m using the cast for all but sleeping and bathing.  Here’s to hoping I walk the grad stage without it!  Unfortunately my husband is not feeling well now.  He is suffering from the cold I had not too long ago.  His symptoms seem to be lingering longer and he’s having trouble breathing.  There are some serious signs in regards to his health that are eerily reminiscent to the time he spent in the ICU a few years ago.  He is fighting me on going to the hospital but I told him I would give him until 5 pm tomorrow or until his symptoms got to a point where there was no doubt of their seriousness.  If he’s not markedly better by 5pm tomorrow or if his symptoms get worse, he’s going to the hospital no ifs, ands or buts.  That’s how I roll.  He’s worried about the cost.  I told him it’s only money and there is no amount that can replace him in my life and he better just suck it up and learn that we always get through.  We’ve been lucky that way.

Speaking of scary things, a scary thing happened at work Tuesday.  Seems that at about 9 am an armed man tried to force a woman back into her car after she parked in our ramp and got out to go to work.  She screamed and a good Samaritan came to her rescue and the man took off in a white van.  In addition, the building’s management and security team didn’t feel the need to alert us to the armed man at large until 5:30 pm that evening.  So I was out in the parking ramp at lunch, to leave, and to come back to work the next morning and didn’t know of the possible danger until I read my email Wednesday morning.  Thankfully they have amped up the security in the garage and we now have marked patrol cars making rounds as well.  It’s so weird because we work in kind of a hoity toity building in a very busy commercial district on the highway. They still haven’t caught the guy.

It’s almost the weekend.  I plan on deep cleaning the apartment, taking a trip to Sam’s Club, doing laundry, and…a whole lot of nothing because for the first time in months, I don’t have any homework!  Ah, sweet freedom.

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Mary said...

Congratulations Amy! Well done. What a great feeling.